Nursing: Mission of Caring And Loving


The nursing profession plays an extremely important role in the modern healthcare system. With the development of medicine and technology, the role of nurses is not only limited to providing basic care, but also opens up diverse and challenging opportunities in ensuring health and safety. for all patients.

According to studies, there are 1.5 nurses for every single doctor in Vietnam; the WHO advises a doctor and four nurses as the bare minimum needed. Furthermore, Vietnam has the lowest rating in Southeast Asia. Lack of human, high degree yet, and work pressure are all factors that might increase the frequency of risk for nurses.

Nursing is the science of providing care, nurturing, exercise, and health education to patients and the general population. Nursing is an independent profession that collaborates with doctors, chemists, technicians, and other members of the medical system.

The training blocks at Tan Tao University in general, and Nursing in particular, are always well acknowledged and extend employment prospects for students. TTU Nursing Student seeks to produce nurses with a strong English foundation who are ready to work in foreign hospitals.

TTU’s Nursing programme is thoroughly and comprehensively constructed around a four-year study timetable. The Nursing training programme is meant to teach students basic medical information so that nurses may understand the process of coordinating assessment, treatment, and patient care. Internal and exterior health care, health care for people with infectious diseases, children, women, the elderly, community health, and health will be covered in depth for nursing students. mental well-being…

Nursing students, in particular, and students at Tan Tao University’s Faculty of Medicine in general, can learn from lecturers who are doctors, doctors, and masters with substantial industrial experience. Students have hands-on experience in patient care from the simplest processes in large hospitals affiliated with the School of Medicine.

One of the most unique aspects of nursing education at TTU is the development of a knowledge base that allows nursing graduates to take and pass the NCLEX exam (also known as the Council Licencing Exam in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Korea, and others). Nursing students from Tan Tao University who get high marks will have the opportunity to practise and trade abroad in countries such as Korea, Japan, the United States, and so on.

TTU Nursing graduates have a wide range of interesting and diverse job options. Nursing students will work as nurses in hospitals, clinics, and medical centres throughout the country. Pursuing research and teaching in the field of medicine at research centres, as well as being eligible to continue studying at the graduate level, such as majors at the level I, level II, Master, and PhD, at universities in Vietnam and overseas. abroad or through affiliate programmes approved by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Furthermore, the need for nursing human resources is always high, not only in the country but also in developed countries with modern medical systems, including Germany, Korea, and others. Every year, a large proportion of Vietnamese quality nurses travel to other nations to work.

As a result, Tan Tao University’s Nursing major aims not only to produce highly trained healthcare workers, but also to broaden students’ knowledge so that they can confidently reach out. with the goal of becoming worldwide nurses.