Open Opportunities for English Students


The English Language major provides many advantages for students, because English is the official language in 55 countries and used in more than 100 other countries in the world. In Vietnam, English has a special degree of importance. It was taught at all levels, and MOET has many projects and programs to improve English proficiency for learners.

From the past, English has always been a major influence on all aspects of economy, politics and society. And with such importance, English graduates are open to more job opportunities and career paths after graduation.

Open Opportunities for English Students

In fact, English is a discipline that helps students master and use English fluently at work and in life. For teaching and learning, students are given allowance to learn and research about the history, people, culture of countries using English around the world.

Why is English always needed?

  • English benefits life

Language in general, and English in particular, are the means for people to communicate with each other in every aspect of life. According to Education First, up to now, there are nearly 2 billion English speakers worldwide. More than 360 million people are English native speakers. It is estimated that half of the world will engage in verbal communication in English by 2050. Therefore, knowing English is a great advantage for anyone later.

  • English is never “outdated”

Although English is only ranked third in the list of most used languages ​​in the world, it is used in more countries so, the influence has never decreased. Over time, the profession may change, but graduating from the English major will always have the chance to prove yourselves in today’s tough global labor market.

  • English also gives you many job opportunities

In addition to English teaching as many others think, English learners also have countless career options, such as: copywriters at advertising agencies, corporate media specialists, journalists write articles, editors for magazines, content creators, translators, bloggers, freelancers and start-ups (English start-ups) … It can be said students graduating from English can never be jobless if they know how to utilize their language skills for specific jobs. It is clear that English Language graduates are always offered attractive salaries at foreign-invested companies and foreign businesses in Vietnam. Being trained as “global citizens”, they can live and work everywhere in the world. In addition, according to experts, English language is a popular field of study because the Vietnamese labor market always needs a lot of employees who are good at foreign languages, strong socio-cultural knowledge and good at working skills.

  • English is not as easy as you think!

One of the reasons English language is often underestimated is because the curriculum is … so easy. However, that is a wrong thought! In fact, the English is easy only for people who do not really appreciate and value this field. There is a fact that that even native people in English-speaking countries still choose the English Language to study. this is definitely not as simple as you think.

Learning English for communication purpose can be easy for some people but, learning how to use it to make money is not easy at all. Take a simple example, although English is so common, each local will have different usage and way of speaking English. What you learn in school is just the way of speaking English of a certain place, mainly the US or UK. Therefore, are you confident that you will understand English of Indians, Singaporeans, Malaysians and many other countries? One more example, writing an for an exam is not difficult, but are you sure you will be able to complete a few dozen pages of a report for a foreign company with academic vocabulary? English is harder than you think.

What is special about the School of Humanities and Languages ​​at TTU?

TTU students are trained in the Liberal Arts Education Model. In order to have an overview and solid foundation before learning the major subjects, students will begin from the core subjects: the field of Culture – Literature, Translation – Interpretation and English language – method of teaching English.

Le Xuan Mai – a student of the 3rd cohort of School of Humanities & Languages, won the 2017 YSEALI Scholarship initiated by US President, Barrack Obama.

Especially, when studying English at Tan Tao University, students from School of Humanities and Languages ​​at TTU will be fully equipped from knowledge to skills, to meet need from the market labor:

  • Learn and interact with the cultures, literary works, history and civilization of different nations. This is a preparation step for cultural exchange, resolving problems and conflicts when studying and working in foreign countries.
  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the native language – Vietnamese and English to master the use of English in the context of life and work in the future.
  • In addition, you are also equipped with a second language to increase competitiveness in finding jobs: Korean, Japanese, Chinese.
  • More importantly, not only acquiring knowledge, students are also trained in soft skills: critical thinking, liberal thinking, evaluation problems, analysis, prediction, teamwork, translating, communicating and delivering presentations.

Tan Tao University – the cradle of training English bachelors with global mindset

If we mention prestigious Universities with long-history of English language training, Tan Tao University could be on top of the list. With nearly 10 years of in English Language training, students always have chances to study directly with foreign teachers from the United States, United Kingdom and etc. In addition, they also have access to modern, updated teaching methods and capture intensive English skills as well as soft skills, such as: presentation skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, work-organizing skills, teamwork skills, information gathering, information processing and communication to improve the ability of self-studying and researching.

  • Training Curriculum

SHL focuses on updating the curriculum annually which is flexible. It allows students to choose their majors that match up with their abilities and interests such as Culture – Literature, English Language – Translation and English teaching. In addition, TTU also stands out in the system of English language schools with achievements from generations of students, receiving prestigious scholarships such as the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) of Former U.S President – Barack Obama, or pursuing higher education without having any difficulties.

  • Teaching staff

Most of the teaching staff are native speakers, have professional qualifications and experience working with Vietnamese learners, or Vietnamese trained intensively abroad.

  • Study environment

Being immersed in a 100% English environment is a chance to express and prove yourself. English students can participate in extracurricular programs related to their major, operating campaigns and cultural exchange programs with international students. It is a foundation to create advantages for students, boosting their confidence, self-esteem and connect with the community. In the coming time, international cooperation will be strengthened so that students can practice and experience first-hand abroad, so that they can apply what they have learned in reality.

Tran Thi Thuy Tien (2nd from the left) together with students from the U.S. participated in the CASE 2019 program.

For example, 100% of graduates have jobs. More than 89% of students work at large corporations, with salaries up to $ 1,000. And that number proves everything about the effectiveness of the Liberal Arts Curriculum at Tan Tao University. Therefore, to achieve the dream with English on the road ahead, Tan Tao will be a great choice.

Do not hesitate any longer anymore.

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