Panel Discussion: Molecular Biology And Covid-19


The general knowledge about Molecular Biology and its applications in disease diagnosis and prevention now play key roles. In the past, Molecular Biology was introduced into post-graduated programs by many schools. However, up to now, this content is being integrated into the regular training program for medical doctors.

With the aim of updating Molecular Biology in a timely manner, especially in its application for medical students. In addition, the SOM also wants to equip all medical students, especially senior ones (Y5, Y6) to be ready for the prevention and protection phase for themselves and the community.

Participating in this event, the SOM invited many experts from the United Sstates and Vietnam. Not only providing critical ideas about the discussion but this is also a good opportunity for students and experts to exchange information.

Molecular Biology in infectious pathology – Assoc.Prof. Dr. Do Thi Thanh Thuy

Dr. Thuy has brought the basic concepts in molecular biology, as well as the applications of biomedical biology in infectious diseases in general and the diagnosis of SARS-COVID-19 in particular. With such a molecular mechanism approach, students will understand the nature of the problem and have an overview of medicine used.

Prof. Thuy also emphasized the role of molecular biomedical in identifying viruses during the Covid-19. how the world discovered the genome (RNA) of the SARS-Covid-19. Compared to the previous coronaviruses, SARS-CoV-2 has about 79.0% of the nucleotide sequence similar to that of SARS-CoV 2003 (GenBank NC_004718) and 51.8% of MERS-CoV 2012 (GenBank NC_019843). Finally, Realtime PCR was mentioned in the application in the diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 infection and how to analyze and interpret results.

Presentation of Prof. Dr. Andy Nguyen

Prof. Andy Nguyen gave a brief overview of the pandemic situation in the US as well as providing students with information about how the government is handling the pandemic. There are 700,000 tests performed per day, but still a very small number compared to the entire population of America. Along with that is the treatment method that scientists are constantly updating to reduce treatment days for Covid-19 patients.

The presentation of Professor Andy Nghia Nguyen acttracted many questions from students.

Presentation of Dr. Nguyen Van Hao

The presentation of Dr. Nguyen Van Hao gave students a clinical perspective on Covid-19 patients. First, there were the symptoms as well as the Covid-19 patient approach. Next, the progression of the disease, associated complications, and things to pay attention were revealed. Finally, how Vietnam treated Covid-19 patients, how we responded to the pandemic were also available in his sharing.

Finally, he invited students and doctors to participate in a seminar on prevention and personal protection against the pandemic. He also invited TTU students to visit the function rooms for treatment of infectious diseases (after the pandemic is over)

At the end of the discussion, there were statements from Prof. Thach Nguyen and Assoc. Prof. Cao Van Thinh thanking the speakers and discussing about the organization of clinical activities in the upcoming time to update knowledge for students as well as a discussion place to improve knowledge for students.

This is a meaningful and valuable seminar for students. Hopefully, in the future, Tan Tao University and the School of Medicine will continue to promote and organize such events. Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Professors and Doctors for participating and sharing valuable knowledge.

The next topic here will be a seminar on online teaching and learning at an early stage in the present and future period for School of Medicine.

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