Sincerely congratulations to Professor, Doctor Thach Nguyen and “Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology: Tips and Tricks” – “Practice Manual of Advanced Interventional Cardiology: Tips and Tricks” on the Top 3 Cardiovascular Books Best intervention of all time, top 24 Best Cardiology Books of all time voted by CNN, Forbes, and Inc – BookAuthority.

Professor, Doctor Thach Nguyen is a leading expert in Cardiology in the United States, who brought the field of interventional cardiology to Vietnam. He is the first Vietnamese-American to be elected to the Executive Committees of the American Heart Association and the American Society of Interventional Cardiology and is the Director of Cardiovascular Research at Methodist Hospital, Merrillville Indiana. He is currently the Vice Provost in charge of academic affairs and the Dean of the School of Medicine of Tan Tao University.

Talking about the success of the Professor, Dr. Thach Nguyen cannot be counted on. There have been many great articles from home to abroad interviewing and praising him for his contributions to medicine in the country and the world. In addition, Professor and Doctor Thach Nguyen is the “Inspirational person” for many generations of doctors, ready to support young doctors to acquire knowledge and practical skills through internships and learning trips. The United States. Many TTU student courses are also fortunate to participate in internships of more than 2 months at US hospitals.

Professor, Doctor Thach Nguyen is also the author of a series of medical books, which are the industry standard. From 2007 to 2010, his books were always best sellers. However, Professor, Doctor Thach Nguyen said that everything must be constantly updated, especially in the field of cardiology, a new study, a new machine, or a new procedure will very quickly be another alternative. His books are no exception, when new knowledge is born, the new interface for young people is the internet. For this reason, Professor, Doctor Thach Nguyen has always updated his latest research to the latest books, and e-books that everyone can quickly and easily, and conveniently access.

Ebooks “Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology: Tips and Tricks” (Fifth Edition) – 24th best cardiology ebooks of all time and top 3rd best interventional cardiology books of all time.

Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology: Tips and Tricks (Fifth Edition) brings together the knowledge of an international group of over 50 experts, this fifth edition of the Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology helps cardiologists of all levels to find interventional solutions to a wide range of problems. Interventional cardiology is growing more and more integral to the modern-day management of cardiovascular problems. Therefore, updating the latest issues after each edition needs to be fast. Fifth Edition revised contents cover topics including new devices, valve procedures, and venous and atrial occlusion, and also feature new chapters on bioresorbable vascular scaffolds, protected percutaneous coronary intervention, coronary atherectomy, pulmonary embolism, and more. This Ebook Offers clear, easy-to-follow guidance for cardiology practitioners of all levels of skill and experience. It grades each strategic or tactical action by the level of complexity. Ebook also includes full-color clinical images and illustrations, all key interventional procedures and techniques, and practical tips and tricks for handling difficult clinical scenarios and complications. The Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology is an invaluable resource for both practitioners and trainees in interventional cardiology and all related areas of cardiovascular medicine.

The successes that Prof. Dr. Thach Nguyen has achieved not only brought professional value but also brought the symbolic meaning of wisdom and pride to the Vietnamese people on the world map of medicine.