Presentation at the 11th central Vietnam Open Congress of Cardiology


On August 07 and 08, 2021, three students of the TTU School of Medicine research club attended and presented their research at the Young Investigator Award competition of the 11th Central Vietnam Open Congress of Cardiology. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was held on a virtual platform. The students had 7 minutes for the online presentation then they had 3 more minutes to answer questions from the chairman and panelists.

This year, the young researchers focused on the application of Fluids Mechanic and Hydraulic to explain the mechanism of coronary artery disease, and most interestingly, they used Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning methodology to find answers to their research hypotheses.

At first student Lâm Mẫn Nhu presented her research project with title: The cause-effect correlations between cavitation phenomenon and lesions in coronary arteries.

Then, student Cao Thanh Binh presented the updates of the study: Prolongation of the arterial phase is the underlying pathological process in women with Syndrome X. The preliminary data of this research project was presented at the TCT meeting in 2020.

Next, student Phan Vu Khanh Van presented the research project about machine learning in the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome with the title: Measuring the Boundary Layers in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome by Dynamic Angiography and Machine Learning Program. This research is the updates of a project which was presented at the ACC annual scientific meeting in 2020.

In addition, TTU school of Medicine research club has a new member from Minneapolis. His name is Thang Tran, a second year Engineering student. Thang presented the research project about the new AI technique in interventional cardiology. His presentation was: Performing coronary angiography with an Artificial Intelligence Program.

On Sunday August 8th, at the closing ceremony, Professor Huynh Van Minh announced the results of YIA and Thang Tran of the TTU School of Medicine Research Club got the First prize and Man Nhu, Thanh Binh, Khanh Van got the consolation prizes.

Last but not least, Prof. Thach Nguyen presented at this conference the applications of his research with the title: Antegrade Separation Flow and Retrograde Water Hammer Shock: The Making of Bifurcation Lesions from Angiographic and Fluid Dynamics Perspective in which he explained the mechanism of narrowing at the proximal segment of the left circumflex artery was the same mechanism causing narrowing at the proximal segment of the An Cuu canal in Hue. People used to say: Art imitates life. In his provocative hypothesis, coronary physiology and pathology imitates life.

The recordings of the presentations of TTU SOM research club are uploaded on this website. Please follow the link, enjoy the challenges of the presentations of the young researchers Lam Man Nhu, Cao Thanh Binh, Phan V Khanh Van and Thang Tran to show support for their endeavors.

* The Young Investigator Award Competition | The 11th central Vietnam Open Congress of Cardiology