Presenting clinical cases with doctors from the United States: A valuable opportunity for medical students at Tan Tao University to enhance their skills.


The clinical case presentation program with doctors from the United States is an essential part of the practical training at Tan Tao University Medical School’s hospitals. Through this program, students have the opportunity to practice medical record documentation, improve their specialized English skills, and learn from leading experts in the field.

During their hospital rotations, students at Tan Tao University’s Medical School will be required to draft patient records to present to their supervising physicians. Additionally, every two times per month, student groups will be instructed to complete patient records in English and present/discuss cases they have studied with doctors from the United States.

The lecture with Professor Peter Singer serves as a prime example of the effectiveness of this program. Professor Singer, the former president of the American Thyroid Association, is a reputable expert in the medical field. On March 23rd, under Professor Singer’s guidance, students Lam Man Nhu, Ly The Lan, and others approached, diagnosed, and treated a patient with Hyperthyroidism during their clinical practice at a hospital in Vietnam. Subsequently, they drafted the patient’s medical record and presented it to Professor Singer for further guidance on approach and treatment.

Lam Man Nhu, a 6th-year medical student at Tan Tao University, presents her clinical case.
Professor Peter Singer discusses clinical cases with students.

The clinical case presentation sessions with doctors from the United States provide an opportunity for students to enhance their English proficiency in an academic setting and improve their skills in presenting a clinical case to leading experts. It serves as a stepping stone for them to present rare cases at international conferences in the future.