Quit a prestigious university, what did Phuong Truc decide then?


While Phuong Truc was being the second year student of the Foreign Trade University(FTU), she was brave to quit studying. She successfully passed the exam to become one of the very first student of Tan Tao University (TTU), which at that time had just been established (In Viet Nam, Foreign Trade University is a state famous university. Many students dream to become its student).

The girl owning a beautiful name – Phuong Truc – impresses others with her pretty face and her active, creative, kind-hearted characteristic. She has joined in many social activities such as: International Youth Club (IYC), volunteer of HTP Foundation, Coach for College, SEAMEO Youth Leadership Summit…
Truc’s family is not rich but very happy, her father is a tailor, her mother is a housewife, she also has a younger sister. When Truc was at the eleventh grade of high school, her life seemed to become harder after her mother had passed away. Despite the great lost, Truc always feels happy thank to her family’s support. Her motivation and spiritual support are her father and her younger sister, they accompany with Truc in both her studying and daily life.
She was so proud when talking about her father: “Whenever I feel confused to make decision, my father often said to me that: “My dear, think carefully, arrange your time, and do whatever you want. I always support you” “. Besides her father and her younger sister, her stepmother is also her second beloved mother. Not wanting to add worry to her father’s hardship, Truc always remind herself to try harder.
So whether her father respect and sympathy or her strong-willed characteristic was behind the reason of her adventurous decision?The following interview will help us to understand more about Phuong Truc.


Phuong Truc and other member of the SEAMEO Youth Leadership Summit

– I know that you used to be the second-year student of the Foreign Trade University, can you reveal your reason why you quit the such prestigious university to enroll in new-born private university named TTU?

My dream is studying abroad so when I took the university entrance exam, I chose the affiliated program of the Foreign Trade University. However, when I had been already a second -year student, I was extremely confused and lost my way. FTU is a good university, in which faculty is enthusiastic, students are talented and confident, the student movement is very vibrant, it is a great place to experience student life; but at that period I know that this university is not suitable with me. I want to find difference for myself, an education environment, in which I am free to explore myself. Therefore, I decided to choose Tan Tao University.

– Do you see that it is an adventurous decision?What about your family’s opinion?

My decision is extremely adventurous up to now, indeed. When I felt into deepest confusion, I asked my advisor in TTU, and they brought my belief back, I knew that my decision was right. Firstly, my family opposed my decision strongly, but then they understood and tried to support me until now.


Truc in the Coach for College

– While being a TTU student, you are key-factor of many student’s activities. You are volunteer of SEA WEED project funded by USAID. Can you share your experience?

When I am one of the event organizers, I used to experienced a lot of failure during 4 years, bad organization, poor idea or time management, I had broken many plan and missed many chances. However, failure is a good lesson for myself, it is chance for me to look back to see my strength, my weakness, my favourite, how to behave well in a team work – and the most important, I learn that my life depends on my decision.

In the end of 2013, after coming back from the ASEAN exchange cultural course in Thai Lan, I joined in SEAWEED project as a volunteer. Beginning of 2014, I became an official member of the project. I take care media activities such as info-share day and face book administration. One year after being member of SEAWEED, I has learned a lot of about team leader, team work, hard work and work enthusiasm from other members.

Looking back 4 years in TTU, the most precious things,that I have got, are my friends, who believe in me and work with me. For example, when we organized Show It up, the organizers included 13 members, we had worked together for 4 months and over came a lot of difficulties together.


Truc in a field test of SEAWEED project

– In your internship, you were recruited by two big companies? Can you tell me the reasons why they choose you instead of other experienced candidates? Can you share your experience in the interview?

I think that I impressed the employer well with my confidence, I know what I want to do and well prepare. In addition, I do not try to hire my weakness. Then it is my fluency in English that I master after 4 years studying in TTU. I think, the key to success in the interview is confidence and good preparation. Before the interview, you should carefully find information about the company and the job to make sure that you really like it. I believe that graduates should well use 3 years after graduation to gain more knowledge and experience, therefore try to find your most suitable working environment.
– You are now preparing for your graduation, as the very first students of TTU – in the role of a pioneer in “a new found land”, what do you want to advise the students after you, in studying and in student activities?

After graduation, I hope to still keep contact with other students of my first course, I believe that you all are successful in your career because you are well-trained in the most challenged environment I have ever known. For the students of the other courses, I hope you always assess everything optimistically, challenges always go with opportunities. Hoping you finding your own method of studying and working beneficially, ask whatever you want, there will be some one give you the answer; do whatever you want, there will be some one support you. Finally, wishing you good health and happiness.


Truc in the TTU OPEN DAY

Facing with difficulties is the shortest way to success. I think that not many people brave enough to start a new life, and even more less who dare to change their life for and a risky adventure. However, challenges always go with opportunities, who dare to deal with difficulties will be the winner.

Thank Truc for your interesting sharing. Hoping you high score in the next exam and success in the future!

Some images of Truc and friend in the SHOW IT UP event: