Seminar “Clinical Internship and Institute-School Model” – Series of Medical Stories A New Era Perspective


On the morning of August 29, 2023, a medical discussion event with the topic “The importance of clinical practise and the Institute-School model in medical training” was held in the hall of Tan Tao Medical University’s Hospital, with the participation of medical students, faculty, and health professionals.

Tan Tao University and Tan Tao Medical University Hospital (TTU) have organised a seminar event to bring together members of the medical community to learn, discuss, and offer recommendations. profound ideas on the critical importance of clinical practise and the Institute – School model in the medical training process.

The programme was created in collaboration with distinguished guests such as:

Dr.Specialist lv2 Truong Quoc Chuong – Director of Operations Management at Tan Tao Medical University Hospital.

  • Dr.Specialist lv2 Nguyen Van Hung – Deputy Head of Foreign Affairs Department, Faculty of Medicine, Tan Tao University.
  • Dr.Specialist lv2 Le Thanh Cong – Director of Duc Hue District Medical Center.
  • Dr. Mai Quang Minh – Former medical student at Tan Tao University.
Dr.Specialist lv2 Truong Quoc Chuong shares his notes when studying medicine
Dr.Specialist lv2 Nguyen Van Hung – Deputy Head of Department of Foreign Affairs, Faculty of Medicine, Tan Tao University is sharing about the advantages of the hospital model

Dr.Specialist lv2 Le Thanh Cong explained to the programme why he chose a medical school for his children: “I rely on the criteria because the Board of Directors and the teaching staff are interested in teaching and learning as well as the teaching and learning process.” I want my children to have an atmosphere to practise English, to conduct internships at local schools, beginning from the first year of study, so that they know what they are studying and what they need to improve. A large hospital. This provides possibilities for aspiring medical students to confidently devote their youth and wisdom to the country’s medical business.

Dr.Specialist lv2 Le Thanh Cong shared with the program the reasons for doctors to choose a medical school

In addition, experts emphasize that practical experience in hospitals and medical facilities plays an important role in helping students apply theoretical knowledge in practice such as needle placement procedure, near-sightedness examination, etc. clinical practice, do basic tests, help students understand the working process at the hospital, from how to diagnose, monitor and record results. This helps students better prepare for later involvement in the medical practice environment, thereby enhancing their diagnostic and therapeutic skills.

Dr. Mai Quang Minh also shares his experiences in medical path of medicine

The Institute – School model is a link between Tan Tao University and Tan Tao Medical University Hospital, which outlines many opportunities for students to interact with many different medical specialties. This helps broaden learners’ understanding and allows them to focus on areas of their passion and aptitude.

The seminar closed with many meaningful lessons and touching practical medical stories that the speakers shared.
TTU Medical students listen to sharings from guests
Doctor Truong Quoc Chuong on behalf of Tan Tao Medical University Hospital and Tan Tao University gave flowers and thank you letters to the guests.

“Medical Story – A New Era Perspective” promises to be a story about the commitment, efforts, and overcoming obstacles and pressures that medical personnel and medical staff have to confront opposite. Each broadcast will take the audience on an emotional trip focused on the current situation of the medical profession, improved training methods, ethical challenges, and how students express their desire to study. Leading professionals will then assist students in better orienting themselves on the path to fulfilling their medical aspirations.