Seminar No.2: “Practicing Medicine in the United States”


Seminar No. 2 “Medical Internship in the United States” in the series “Stories of the Medical Industry – Perspectives of a New Era” taking place on October 7, 2023 at Levy Hall of Tan Tao University, brought to you Parents and students, practical information related to internships in the “land of flowers” not only helps students develop knowledge and professional skills but also brings valuable experiences. treasures of life, culture and international integration.

Attending the sharing session was the presence of: Doctor. Vu Tri Loc – Teaching Assistant of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine. With students of the 6th year course of the School of Medicine: Lam Man Nhu; Hoang Truc Quynh Mai and Ly The Lan.

It is known that Dr. Loc accompanies Tan Tao University Medical Students to participate in internship programs abroad such as in 2022. Dr. Loc and students went to Boston to report, AHA Conference 2022 in Chicago, most recently in In early October, the doctor along with medical students participated in a medical report on research on Myocardial Infarction in very elderly patients at the ACC Asia 2023 Conference in Manila, Philippines.

Doctor. Vu Tri Loc – Teaching Assistant of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine shared about medical internship opportunities in the United States

In the opening part of the discussion, Dr. Loc shared about how to get a medical internship opportunity in the United States, as well as the requirements to be accepted into this internship program. Doctor is a former student of Tan Tao University’s School of Medicine, who always takes advantage of many opportunities given to him by instructors like Professor Thach Nguyen; Associate Professor, Dr. Talarico, Dr. Loc said that over the years, the school has always created conditions for potential medical students to set foot in the United States.

Student Lam Man Nhu shares the skills gained after an internship in the United States that have helped you improve your English communication skills, especially in a medical environment. You have learned to understand and express ideas clearly, as well as show respect and listen to patients and colleagues.

Ly The Lan shared advice and experiences with those who want to participate in a medical internship program in the United States

Ly The Lan said that the medical field is always changing and developing, you should always update your knowledge, seize opportunities to participate in research and study projects with teachers in the United States, because the school Tan Tao University has close relationships with major hospitals such as Methodist Hospital (MH) in Merrillville, Indiana, USA; St Mary’s Medical Center (SMMC) in Hobart;…the Professors and Doctors are always very busy however they are always willing to support and analyze medical cases as well as explain each condition to Guide students to find the cause and effective treatment.

Hoang Truc Quynh Mai was excited to share her 8 weeks of living and studying in the United States

Hoang Truc Quynh Mai shared her surprise when arriving in the United States and participating in group activities with students from countries such as India, Korea, Japan, Malaysia,… Medical students are exposed to many different languages, cultures, and lifestyles, which helps Vietnamese students expand their knowledge of global medicine and clearly see the differences in medical procedures. , the way to approach patients in the most developed country in Health, Science and Technology.

Tran Thien Kim – 2nd year Medical student asked a question related to how to learn specialized English to be able to communicate when interning in the United States

Dr. Loc emphasized: “Whether they are 1st or 2nd year students or later, students should proactively study by finding textbooks, lectures, and medical articles written in English to read and learn from. This can help you become familiar with medical vocabulary and language. In addition, you should watch online English medical lectures and videos to master specialized knowledge and practice English listening.

Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong – 1st year Nursing student asked a question about the internship process and experience for Tan Tao University Medical students.

During this internship trip, a group of Tan Tao University medical students interned at two locations in the United States: St Mary’s Medical Center (SMMC) in Hobart and Methodist Hospital (MH) in Merrillville, Indiana, United States. Period…During the internship period, you will have the opportunity to study and experience at departments such as: Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU), Nuclear Medicine Department, Radiology Department, Cardiology Office, Family Medicine and Weight Loss Office (FM).

Students of the School of Medicine listen attentively to the sharing in the discussion “American Medical Internship”

Medical internships in the United States play an important role in career development and equipping medical students with knowledge and skills. You will receive:

Learning: From medical experts, professors. Top doctors and experience the latest medical advances in the United States

Practical experience: Allows students to boldly face real clinical situations and develop patient care skills.

Broaden horizons: Open doors to international cultures and health systems, helping students broaden their horizons and shape their understanding of global medicine.

It can be said that the guests who are teaching assistants at the School of Medicine and Tan Tao University medical students who have just returned from internships in the United States can help the next generation of new medical students studying at the school to expand their horizons, about the opportunity to study and work not only in the country with the most developed medical system in the world but also directs students to discover the importance of exposure to many cultures and medical systems. Diverse backgrounds, bringing openness in thinking and mastering the skills necessary to become a doctor.