The topic “Study – Research in the US” will be an interesting journey, bringing us closer to learning and research opportunities in a pioneering country in the field of education. The topic is led by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Meden F. Isaac-Lam- Fulbright Program Scholar. Participating students will discover the unique facets and approaches to academics in one of the world’s leading educational institutions.

On June 13, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Meden brought fascinating sharing about the education system in the US and the difference compared to other countries. With the spirit of freedom and democracy, the United States has always placed the freedom of self-development and respecting the freedom of others at the heart of education and training, right from the very beginning. At the same time, the training of discipline and the development of free and creative thinking is considered an important factor in the educational process.

Sharing at the workshop, the Associate Professor emphasized the importance of self-study and research that will support the development of the future. The growing society leads to transformation and innovation in life. So sometimes the pre-existing knowledge that you have learned before is not always correct when faced with new problems. At that time, what needs to be done is to acquire new knowledge through the process of self-discovery.

In addition, the Associate Professor also shared about the process of studying and training in the US, helping Vietnamese students better understand this learning environment. She shared about American culture and the importance of learning English, especially preparing the language to communicate in a formal and polite way. Meden’s sharing also shows that the process of scientific research is hard work, but only through passion and perseverance can we achieve great success.

Lectures have inspired students, aroused the motivation for them to rise and achieve their dreams. At the same time, this activity also contributes to providing an ideal teaching and learning environment, approaching international standards for Vietnamese lecturers and students.