On October 10, 2022, at Tan Tao Medical University Hospital, the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between Tan Tao Medical University Hospital and Tan Tao University took place.

In attendance, from Tan Tao University, there was presence of Professor, Doctor Thach Nguyen who is the Vice Rector and Dean of the School of Medicine (SOM), and Associate Professor, Doctor Cao Van Thinh advising the SOM along with other Doctors representing majors in training at TTU (SOM). On the hospital side is the presence of Specialist level 2 Doctor Truong Quoc Chuong Director of Operations Management and Doctor, Doctor Diep Thanh Tuong Hospital Director, and other members of the hospital management board. In addition, there was the presence of Ms. Phan Thi Hiep – Standing Deputy General Director of Tan Tao Group, General Director of Tan Tao Medical University Hospital.

The signing ceremony was for the purpose of working together and linking up in the training of talented doctors for scientific research and the use of human resources. Collaborate with research on scientific publications based on the exploitation of clinical and paraclinical data from Tan Tao Medical University Hospital. The hospital will support organizing and receiving students and trainees of Tan Tao University to practice directly at Tan Tao Medical University Hospital. Regularly organize medical seminars.

In addition, the Hospital also cooperates for the lecturers of Tan Tao University to exchange experiences and work at the Hospital to improve the quality of teaching. Priority is given to recruiting students of Tan Tao University when students graduate. Appointing medical staff of the hospital with skilled, highly educated degrees to participate in the teaching work of Tan Tao University. Ready to provide and sponsor scholarships for students of Tan Tao University.

Tan Tao University is determined to build a strong Hospital – University model, which not only creates conditions for “learning with practice” but also improves the quality of medical examination and treatment and patient care of practice hospital.