Flights to Vietnam

If you are moving from overseas to take up a position, TAN TAO university will organise and pay for a one-way economy airline ticket for you. Please discuss your arrangements with us.  We are happy to help organise the flights for your spouse and children also. However, please be aware that the cost of these flights will be your responsibility.


Before departure, you should already have a Business Visa to enter Vietnam (note that this is different from your Work Permit), and we will help you with this.

What to bring

Before you start packing your bags it’s worthwhile to research and plan the practical aspects of your journey. The information will be valuable both before and whilst you are working in Vietnam. For a more detailed list of items to bring and not to bring to Vietnam, please see the Living in Vietnam guide.

It is advisable to have the following items in your hand luggage:  passport, visa, key contact name/phone numbers/address of hotel in Vietnam, Vietnamese Dong (available at airport on arrival), US dollars, personal valuables such as laptop, camera, phone chargers etc. It is also advisable to bring your official documents such as qualifications, job offer, etc.  You might want to have photocopies of all your key travel documents in your checked-in luggage.


It may take a while to set up your bank account in Vietnam (approximately 2 weeks), and you will be paid on the 25th of the month after you commence work. With this in mind, it’s advisable to bring some Vietnamese Dong (available at airport on arrival) and US dollars with you. We can help you with the forms and contact details of international banks in Vietnam.


Living in Vietnam – ebook