Student Karaoke Night

Very  happy to report that the student Karaoke night was a big success!  The students actually got a head-start and began singing sometime around 5pm…so they had been going on for awhile when we officially “began” at 6:30!  But they were still singing an hour later and seemed to be having a great time.  Also, once some of our clever students began looking up English songs on their cell phones, they started belting out some classic English hits and even cajoled Tho and Amanda into a rousing (and horrific) rendition of Hotel California!

Many, many thanks to our esteemed TTU faculty and staff who attended.Some feedback from students:

  1. We love, love, love music!
  2. We thought we were going to have prizes for the best singers!
  3. What do we get to do next week?
  4. Please, let’s do karaoke next week!
  5. American Idol–YES PLEASE!

All of you are encouraged to take a trip over to the dorm to check it out sometime.  It is a really pleasant student environment. They have games, TV, a dorm staff office, and even a small shop where students can buy snacks and basic personal items.  The students seem happy and comfortable.

std karaoke

std karaoke1

std karaoke2

std karaoke3

std karaoke4

std karaoke5