Students of Tan Tao University practice with a Professor from the United States


Right from the time of being 1st and 2nd year students, the students were “joined” into the delegation to participate in research and internship with domestic and foreign professors and doctors to visit and exchange knowledge. new information at hospitals, factories, industrial parks,…

Accompanying the students in the field trip was Ms. Meden F. Isaac-Lam who is currently an Associate Professor of Chemistry in the College of Engineering and Science at Purdue University Northwest. She is a Fulbright Scholar Award 2022 – 2023.

Internships and internships are great opportunities for students

It has become common practice, for students who study for 4 years, to start their internships at companies and businesses, it is time for them to start doing internships and making dissertations or internship reports. Many students consider internships as a great opportunity for them to learn knowledge that is not taught in school.

On June 14, the student union of Tan Tao University, the 1st and 2nd year students had the opportunity to directly exchange information and knowledge at places where they would be welcomed as a member. new member. This shows that studying, practicing, visiting hospitals, function rooms, and business apparatus soon is an opportunity for students to apply the long-standing knowledge they have learned at school in practice. , is an opportunity for the “industrial chickens” to encounter situations that students have only read and solved in books for a long time.

Tan Tao University opens a new path, helping students to access liberal arts education from the very first step when entering the business, cultivating “question and answer” skills is the most important step in their career. During 4 years of university study, majoring in economics, finance, linguistics,… and more than 6 years confronting the medical field. This is the link between theory and practice. So I hope you guys don’t miss this opportunity.

Students are eager to visit Tan Tao University Medical Hospital

The visit and discussion with Associate Professor Meden in 100% English took place in a floating, slightly open and scientific atmosphere. The information and content shared and discussed focus on issues, scientific research and globalization on the development of organic chemistry application in research works, international experiences in the field of organic chemistry. used in the treatment of human cancer.

The hospital deploys high-tech services, advanced modern machines, a team of doctors and doctors from Ho Chi Minh City to ensure the best quality of medical examination and treatment for people at reasonable prices.

This is a practical scientific activity to share and provide information not only for students, but also as a bridge between the medical team, doctors and lecturers after participating in programs, conferences and seminars. organized abroad on scientific and educational research activities to help managers and researchers of Tan Tao University gain more knowledge to develop their majors and research orientations.

Discover the University model in the heart of businesses

Tan Tao University is located in the heart of Tan Duc Industrial Park, providing students with opportunities to practice and work directly in a production environment. This helps TTU students approach the reality of work, grasp the processes and regulations in the industry, thereby developing practical skills and being ready to meet the needs of businesses.

Typically, visiting the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Tan Duc Industrial Park Phase 2. Through this activity, students have direct contact with modern water treatment technologies, machinery and equipment systems. supported by Operation. Students have the opportunity to better understand the operating mechanism of the plant, the wastewater treatment process and the applications of reuse of the treated water. At the same time, students also learned about the use of residual sludge as a nutrient fertilizer in agricultural production, contributing to reducing environmental pollution.

From practical activities such as visiting hospitals, factories,… to help TTU students become confident and ready for the working environment after graduation. These projects have helped equip not only professional knowledge but also software skills and practical experience to enjoy and contribute from the very first day on the job.