Students should consider the universities of the lower group


August 15th 2015, the second live show “Suitable career, Bright future” was on air on HTV9 channel. The show was recorded at Tan Tao University. TTU participants of the consulting team were Dr. Nguyen Dieu Anh – Faculty of the School of Business & Economics, Dr. Pham Hung Van, Vice Dean of School of Medicine, together with many well-known educators. The series live show is aimed to provide students with information of higher education admission in 2015, focusing on the first applications.

Choosing a suitable job is a milestone in our life. Since studying what majors at the university is always a big question. If the chosen majors are fit for our ability and social need? Which university environment is good? By answering the such above matters, the show “Suitable career, Bright future” has received positive feedback from public.

This year, students took only one national exam instead of separate high school graduation and university entrance exams. The results will be a consideration in both high school graduation and university admissions. Students were tested in four subjects, three of them compulsory – mathematics, literature and a foreign language. The fourth was an optional subject, chosen by students from physics, chemistry, biology, history and geography. The students are allowed to take extra tests in other subjects for better chances of getting admission to the university or college.

Up to now (August 18th), the first application period only lasts 3 days more. So the pressure of submission and withdrawal of application in the last days will much increase. In the situation, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong – Representatives of Ministry of Education & Training (MOET) – advises students to think carefully before withdraw their application. The choice of majors must be the first and the choice of university is the second. He said: “Students should consider the universities of the lower group, which have fewer applicants and the score requirement is also lower. They should even think of college and vocational training for their enrolment”

Submitting application online

To reduce the pressure of traveling to submit applications, many students choose to submit their application online. Mr. Vu Quang Huy – Hong Bang University International – explains more: “Students submit their application on university’s official website, update their national high school score or their score of high school performance. University officer will then contact with eligible applicants to ask for the original documents. The list of submitted students will be continuously updated on website.”

According to the new regulation of the MOET, the chance for second application is less potential than the last years, and the admission score of the second application will be the equal or higher the score of the first application.

The admission score and employment opportunities of the graduates

A student asked: ” My score for university consideration is 17, I know that School of Business & Economic in TTU includes the International Business major, which I would like to enroll in. I want to ask if I fit TTU admission requirement? And If TTU offer employment opportunities for the graduates?”

Dr. Nguyen Thi Dieu Anh – Faculty of School of Business & Economic in TTU – answered: “The admission score of School of medicine is 19, and the others is 15. After checking all the high school performance, candidates must pass the TTU interview. 2015 admission quota of TTU is 500. According to the exclusive enrollment project of TTU, the eligible candidates are graduates of Vietnamese high school programs; Vietnamese and foreign graduates from international high schools in Vietnam, or in foreign countries; and graduates from the universities in Vietnam, or in foreign countries want to study at TTU.

Following the U.S model of education, in TTU teaching is accompanied with research. The curriculum at TTU is conducted entirely in English language based on Duke model. Therefore graduates from TTU are quite confident to work in the international companies. Of course, they are always welcome to work at Tan Tao Group.