Summary of Uniprep 2023: University-Ready


UniPrep 2023 is more than simply a course; it is a journey to transcend one’s personal limitations in order to achieve new opportunities and heights.

On the morning of August 31, 2023, at Levy Hall, the Board of Directors, the Organising Committee (BTC), and the students reflected on the journey through the UniPrep 2023 course, which included not only act knowledge, but also valuable experiences and invaluable lessons on self-confidence, independence, and personal development.

Mr. Nguyen Mai Lam, Vice President of Tan Tao University, addressed the audience.

Ending a chapter and starting a new page, with the accumulated knowledge, skills, and experiences that students receive from this course, each individual is ready to enter a new chapter of life, titled “Ready to go to college”.

Students receive participation certificates for the Uniprep 2023 course.

Many photographs recreate the succession of days of learning and experiencing at UniPrep 2023, demonstrating that every step the students take on this trip carries essential lessons. And now they will be rewarded for their perseverance with a certificate of completion of the UniPrep Course 2023.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Dien, Head of Scientific Research and International Cooperation, awarded certificates to students.
Mr. Nguyen Mai Lam, Vice Principal, awarded certificates and gave wishes to new students.
Dr. Nguyen Vu Hieu Trung, on behalf of the Faculty of Economics, awarded certificates to students.
Assoc. Dr. Mai Thi Hao Yen, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, awarded certificates to the students.

The certificate awarded by the teacher is the school leadership board’s way of congratulating each individual for their efforts, overcoming difficulties, and perseverance. Be proud of yourself and what you have achieved, because it is not only a personal achievement but also a consensus and recognition from teachers, friends, and family. Do not hesitate to show off your achievements to those you know, and spread pride and encouragement to those around you.

The students participated in the closing session with many emotions.

Nguyen Trung Phu, a student of the Uniprep course , shared his feelings during the closing session: “Each teaching session, each sharing of experiences from the teachers, has helped us clearly access knowledge. clear and complete. Lessons are not only about conveying information but also about inspiring and motivating us when we do not dare to show our abilities. After 9 weeks of study, my friends and I want to thank the dedication of the organising committee and the passion in teaching of our teachers for guiding us, new students, to be ready to conquer the path of university learning.

Nguyen Trung Phu confidently expressed his thoughts about the Uniprep course and sent his sincere thanks to the teachers and BTC members. 

Through the above sharing, the course concluded with many useful things to help students make new friends, have good memories with teachers, and experience many activities from physical development to self-discovery in a safe environment. academic school, so that in the future, students will easily immerse themselves in the formal learning environment and be better prepared for the upcoming school year.

UniPrep and the children who have been together for the past nine weeks seem to have touched hearts and made unforgettable impressions.