Talkshow “Designing a great student life” with Speaker, Doctor of Psychology Dao Le Hoa An.


On the afternoon of August 18, 2022, at Levy Hall of Tan Tao University (TTU), a talk show with the theme “Designing a great student life” was held with Speaker, Doctor of Psychology Dao Le Hoa An.

The program has two main parts, the first is sharing how to design a meaningful student life. Then there was the question-and-answer session of the new students participating in the hall, on Zoom, and on the Facebook platform, which was directly answered by Mr. Hoa An.

Starting the sharing, Dr. Dao Le Hoa An gave examples of success. Each individual has to build his or her own brand and the teacher raised the issue of discussing what is the portrait of a successful student. You have asked questions such as personal positioning yourself. What do you like about yourself? How much is youth worth?

Besides, the teacher gave 5 types of students who easily become “unemployed” including the “passive” type, sitting still and waiting, knowing or not speaking; The “industrial chicken” type is good at blind theory and practice, the “blame” type, the “ambiguous” type or the “Enjoy” type. These are the types that new students need to recognize and avoid.

In the next part, the new students in the hall and the online platform had the opportunity to ask questions to Dr. Dao Le Hoa An. Some very good questions were raised with the topic “Designing a student life”.

“What kind of extra work should students do?” Dr. Dao Le Hoa An shared that students should find a part-time job besides being able to earn money, it must support experience for their career later. Working as a tutor when studying pedagogy, working as a collaborator to write articles for students studying communication, or language majors.

Another question about “the most important skills of a student”, he said that students need a lot of skills to develop themselves such as communication, and behavior. However, the two most important skills that young people need to cultivate today are English and Informatics – the key to the era of technology and globalization.

Besides, there are also questions about choosing a school, choosing a major or choosing a career. Choosing a profession is the most important, the profession associated with our life is something that we must love. From there, we can find out the right industry to meet the recruitment needs in the future. Finally, choose a school with an educational philosophy, good training quality, especially English, complete facilities, and a team of highly qualified instructors. That is the foundation for the realization of dreams later.

Although the time of 2 hours is little, it leaves the new students with a lot of knowledge and understanding. It is the luggage for you to design for yourself a beautiful student life with unforgettable imprints and memories.