Tan Tao Group joyfully holds New Year gathering


In the joyful and exciting atmosphere of new Spring, more than 700 executives, staff and employees of Tan Tao Group gathered in the Canary Club (in Tan Tao University campus) to celebrate the New Year of the Rooster 2017. It is an annual and typical activity of Tan Tao Group to greet the New Year after the Tet holidays.

With new challenges and opportunities in the new year, Dr Tran Duong, Vice Standing President of Tan Tao Group represented the Board of Directors to wish all staff and employees of Tan Tao Group a healthy, successeful and happy year, and said: “If we just sit there and wish each other good things, the good things can not come easily. We must take action and work hard to make the wishes come true. ”

The Board of Directors popped the champagne to celebrate the New Year 2017.

To celebrate the Year of the Rooster, the Board of Directors opened the champagne and made a toast to wish a happy new year to more than 700 workers and employees in the Canary Club.

Some pictures from the New Year gathering:

The exciting Indian dance was performed by teachers and children from the Tan Duc kindergarten.

Mr. Tran Duong, Vice Standing President of Tan Tao Group, sent New Year greetings to staff and employees.

The Board of Directors shared the joy with faculty and staff of Tan Tao University.

Red lucky envelopes were given to staff as a way of sending good wishes and luck according to the Vietnamese tradition.