Tan Tao Unitour – A Solid Stepping Stone for the Future


The Tan Tao Unitour program, organized by Tan Tao University (TTU), has provided the opportunity for direct application submissions at An Ninh High School and Hau Nghia High School. This allows 12th-grade students to easily and thoroughly access admission information right at their school without having to travel far. Through direct consultation sessions, students can have all their questions about application requirements and processes answered, reducing anxiety and boosting confidence when participating in the admissions process.

Tan Tao Unitour Check-In at An Ninh High School (Long An)

One of the highlights of the Tan Tao Unitour is the opportunity to meet and interact directly with the consulting team and current students of Tan Tao University. These sharing sessions help students gain a better understanding of the learning environment, facilities, and valuable experiences in studying and living at the university. This serves as a significant source of motivation and inspiration, helping students to have a clearer direction for their future, thereby fostering a passion for learning and career orientation.

Students at Hau Nghia High School attentively listen and gather information during the consultation session.

Tan Tao Unitour goes beyond just consultation and admissions; it also plays a role in igniting students’ passion for learning and career orientation. Through various consultation activities, students are encouraged to explore and develop essential skills for their future academic and career journeys. The program helps them prepare a solid foundation, ready to face the challenges of the admission exams and their studies at TTU.

The information shared by Tan Tao Unitour helps students gain a clearer understanding of the application process for Tan Tao University.
The dedicated consulting team thoroughly addresses students’ questions regarding the admissions process and information about the university.

The Tan Tao Unitour program by Tan Tao University offers valuable and practical benefits to 12th-grade students at high schools. This is not only an opportunity for students to grasp admission information but also a chance to experience, learn, and plan for their future. With thorough preparation and comprehensive information, students will feel more confident as they step into the threshold of university life.