Tan Tao University Is Proud Of New Bachelors Generation 2020


TTU – Graduation Ceremony – an important annual event. This is not only a memorable milestone but also an honor and pride of Tan Tao University, marking the mission of creating a promising future of the new bachelor generation.

Tan Tao University is a private non-profit university with American standards in Vietnam, pioneering in the successful application of the Liberal Arts model. With an educational philosophy, standards and practices based on the US university education model.

The first thing when coming to Tan Tao University, students will experience a surprise about the practice and learning style here. Normally, new students must have to pass the English entrance exam to be able to enter the academic program, they must adapt to using 100% English for communication and learning. To improve their progress, Tan Tao students have a habit of using English in daily communication. Along with that, the educational environment at TTU encourages students to promote independent thinking, creativity, criticism, experimentation, outstanding foreign language ability, contributing to creating the “brand” of students. of Tan Tao University.

In fact, the scoring system of Tan Tao University is a bit harsh, but this promotes the student’s efforts to the highest level. Most TTU students receive a scholarship policy, each student tries their best to study and practice themselves. It can be said that Tan Tao students have great ambitions – understanding that upgrading themselves with knowledge is worth doing. As a result, although the number of Tan Tao students is not much, the achievements and awards of Tan Tao students are always impressive both at the domain and abroad.

Tan Tao student endeavors with the “brand” of the global students

Accompanying students throughout the learning process is a team of experienced professionals. Tan Tao students benefit from the highest quality teaching programs that are in line with the latest trends in the industry, the programs that reflect the needs of businesses, and the highest quality university faculty. Tan Tao University has invited many leading professors at the domain and abroad to work as well as guest lecturers. The school also organizes seminars with professors, doctors, experts, domestic and international businessmen to help TTU students gain a deep, wide, multidimensional, and multicultural knowledge base.

Moreover, lecturers at Tan Tao University are always proud of the generations of students who have made their efforts to achieve success not only in their home country but also have the opportunity to integrate with the international through precious internship trips or works in foreign countries.

TTU lecturers have many years of experience, including leading reputable professors and doctors

Over the past decade, Tan Tao University has constantly strived to create outstanding educational values, attracting many students to study. And that is the honor and pride of the school. Tan Tao University has always maintained an important goal in creating careers for bachelor’s generations of the future.

Prof. Dr. Thach Nguyen – Vice Provost of TTU said: “TTU always focuses on the quality of training. The success of the graduates is the pride of TTU and it is also the driving force for all lecturers to strive to build TTU”.

Prof. Dr. Thach Nguyen – Vice Provost of TTU

The Board of Trustees always hope that TTU’s talented bachelor generations will uphold the traditional values, continue to promote and build a stronger Vietnam in the future.

Tan Tao University held the Graduation Ceremony & Opening Ceremony Academic Year 2020-2021 school year

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