Tan Tao University students visit the Yakult Vietnam factory


On October 7, 2023, students of the Economics Department of Tan Tao University visited the Yakult factory, located on Tu Do Avenue, VSIP 1 Industrial Park, Thuan An Commune, Binh Duong Province. This is a trip to help students learn about the production process as well as the operation of a product in practice.

Yakult Vietnam was established on June 26, 2006, and is present in most supermarkets and retail stores throughout Vietnam.

Students of the School of Economics lined up to visit the Yakult factory

During this tour, the staff enthusiastically welcomed Tan Tao University students at the company gate and lobby and guided students to visit 3D exhibition areas and product display areas around the world – which depicted the founding process and step-by-step development of the product under the intense enthusiasm of Dr. Shirota.

Students were listened to and provided with useful knowledge about the intestinal microflora; Factors that disrupt the intestinal microbiota, consequences, and ways to overcome them by eating scientifically, reducing stress, and participating in sports activities, especially using Yakult fermented milk every day.

In the company’s Communications Department, you had the opportunity to listen and get acquainted with basic business concepts such as Product value, competitive advantage, distribution channels, etc., according to the Yakult guide.

She explained about the production process: Yakult applies strict production standards, ensuring nearly 99% product yield (that means 99% of raw materials are fully utilised until the final product; very little waste is discharged). With the Yakult philosophy of “contributing to the healthy lives of people around the world”, Yakult believes that protecting the earth’s environment is the most important aspect of operating production in harmony with life and society.

Students were introduced to the invention of Yakult milk and the beneficial effects of fermented milk on health.

Tan Tao University students were instructed to move to the factory to observe the process of producing fermented yogurt drinks; this is also the part that most of them look forward to the most. Here, you can visit and observe with your own eyes the extremely modern closed automatic production technology that Yakult designed and incorporated into the finished product production line. This production line includes a fermentation room, a fermentation and mixing room, a quality management room, a bottle molding room, a milk filling room, and a packaging room.

Students were able to directly visit the factory’s closed production line technology and see Yakult’s modern open system designed to flexibly increase production capacity in the future. And to ensure food safety and hygiene, engineers and workers carry out disinfection procedures and wear protective gear before entering the factory premises.

Students are also invited to enjoy Yakult products on site and are instructed to classify waste from plastic shells and bottles after use.

Yakult introduced the new students to the product quality inspection process before leaving the factory, along with the strict standards in milk transportation to ensure quality.

Dr. Nguyen Vu Hieu Trung, representative of the School of Economics, presented a letter of thanks and a bouquet of fresh flowers to Yakult Manufacturing Factory for a useful sharing session.

At the end of the field trip to visit the Yakult factory, students of the Faculty of Economics as well as all students of Tan Tao University learned and acquired a lot of useful knowledge and practical experiences to improve their skills and apply theory from books to practice.