Tan Tao University to conduct its own admission process in 2015


Vietnam’s Law on Higher Education has taken effect and will open up opportunities to enable universities to enhance their autonomy and accountability. The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has issued Document No. 5151/BGDD-KTKDCLGD dated September 09, 2014 regarding guidelines for admission to universities and colleges in 2015. The MOET plans to abolish the national university entrance exam to allow universities to set their own admission requirements. It is a positive policy of the MOET to “untie” universities to carry out their enrollment and training programs.

Following the regulations, the Tan Tao University (TTU), of which Mme. Dang Thi Hoang Yen, Chairwoman and Founder, along with the Professional Council, the Board of Trustees and deans have studied the regulations of the MOET to conduct and complete the admission plan of TTU ensuring innovation, fairness, openness and transparency in the admission process according to the circular of the MOET.

Besides, the plan also maintains quality and annual admission targets of all its training programs and specific characteristics of TTU. Particularly, the flexibility of pre-qualification, interview and scoring will help TTU to select the best candidates and will offer students many opportunities to demonstrate their competence at high schools as well as their passion for learning and dedication in future.

The admission plan of TTU is applicable to (i) students who have graduated from high schools in Vietnam; (ii) Vietnamese and foreign students who have graduated from international high schools in Vietnam and high schools abroad; and (iii) Students who have graduated from domestic or foreign universities and want to study at TTU. The TTU admission criteria are very transparent and flexible in pre-qualification, interview and scoring process.

TTU will carry out regular entrance examinations and admission is twice per year: early September and early January (Fall Semester and spring Semester).

Applicants for admission to TTU shall submit applications in the form of TTU with transcripts, high school graduation certification (if any). Students who have graduated from universities will submit their universities degrees for admission process. All applicants are required to pass the interview round held by TTU. For more information on admission requirements, please visit: Link

In addition, TTU continues to maintain its scholarship policy for outstanding students with disadvantaged backgrounds. Scholarships will then depend on their study performance during the previous school year with the 100%, 75% and 50% scholarship levels.

The 2015 admission plan and admission information of TTU has been posted on the website at: www.ttu.edu.vn and other media. For further information about the admission plan, please visit the Link.

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