The bravery of the leading birds

This is also the first – generation doctors of Tan Tao University – “pioneering birds” to continue to grow and fulfil the solemn mission of public health care.

Prof. Doctor Thach Nguyen – Acting Provost, Dean of School of Medicine was pleased that TTU now has the first generation of medical students graduated.

On October 6, 2019, Tan Tao University was delighted to organize the Graduation Ceremony for the first generation of medical students (Class of 2013 – 2019).

From the very beginning, Tan Tao University has been the second home for all of students to grow and develop themselves. Along with that belief, for 6 years, Tan Tao University has been trying day by day to foster and create the best conditions for you to thrive more comprehensively. Witnessing the proud moments of those hardworking students graduated from School of Medicine has greatly inspired everyone on that day.

The Graduation Ceremony of Tan Tao University

Somebody once said: “Pioneers are always at risk, people who go ahead always fail” – In fact, it is a big mistake of mind! Because, the moment you became a pioneer, you have won and seized yourself. With all the enthusiasm and burning passion, continuous effort, first-generation graduated students of School of Medicine never thought of giving up when facing daunting difficulties, just like the “leading birds” tirelessly trying to move forward.

Mr. Michael W. Michalak – Ambassador of the United States of America in Vietnam 2007 – 2011 gave Graduation Speech to students of TTU

According to Amb. Michael Michalak: “TTU students are working with Level Ex Company to contribute in making a video game to boost up teaching and learning in School of Medicine, especially in certain aspects of cardiology. I am waiting for one of you to bring in U.S $ 13 million as a result of a new technology venture project! ”- It is the words of expectation to the first doctors of Tan Tao University.

On this occasion, Mr. Huynh Ho – Vice Provost of Tan Tao University also put his faith in the talents of School of Medicine students hoping that they will gain much success on the future journey. He also wants those students to become an example for the following generations to follow.

Meritorious Teacher – Mr. Huynh Ho – Vice Provost of TTU has been always proud of the success of the graduates

“Wherever you go, whatever you do, in any position, please keep the prestige and pride to be TTU students. Always remember the place where you had good times, learning, practicing and growing up – It’s Tan Tao University. ”- Mr. Huynh Ho.

Instead of getting support, the leaders always face skepticism from around. The obstacles and difficulties are so much more, but Tan Tao University always has a strong belief that our students will never fail!

The Graduated Doctors sworn in Hippocrates Oath – expressing their determination to uphold the medical ethics

Keep up the oath of the Hippocrates Oath, continue to be creative, and keep rising to find your own path, TTU students!