The first step: TTU eagerly welcomes the admission of new students of course K13


Tan Tao University (TTU) was bustling and buzzing in the atmosphere on the morning of August 28, 2023, after the announcement of the first round of admission, to welcome the new students of Course K13 on the opening day and complete the Admission procedures.

Overview of the opening day

The opening day not only marks the beginning of a new school year but also an opportunity to welcome new students, the dynamic young generation is starting to enter the university environment. Those are the first days of a new and exciting journey where knowledge and experience await.

TTU welcomes new students to the official admission procedure, creating a bustling and friendly atmosphere

From very early on, the space around Tan Tao University became brilliant with white clouds floating in the sky opening a new day. At the school gate, colorful flags, along with welcome signs, create a bright and exciting scene. The spiritual footsteps of the new students make people constantly remember their own memories when they first stepped into the school world.

Teacher Mai Lam delivered a speech to welcome the opening ceremony

In order to create the most favorable conditions for new students and their families, the University has carefully prepared from the planning stage, disseminating the admission process on the media, instruction boards, diagrams, and documents. declare receipts from many days in advance.

TTU eagerly welcomes parents and students with the program “Welcome 2k5 ENLIGHTEN U – Ready for new students”. With the attendance of the Board of Directors and teachers who are the dean-deputy dean, lecturers and staff of TTU. Opening the program with the presence of Speaker Che Da Thao – Master of Education, Psychology expert shared, this shows that the university door is a milestone marking the maturity of high school students, helping When you get used to making your own decisions and owning your life, boldly accepting new things that are about to be faced, you need to prepare yourself with the necessary baggage in the upcoming journey.

Guest Speaker Che Da Thao – Master of Education, Psychologist shared about the baggage for new students

Throughout the exchange activities and get to know each other. Especially, there was the participation of guest director and actor MC Quoc Thuan sharing the topic “understanding oneself confidently building a personal brand” – Helping children shape their personality, how to make an impression, develop yourself on your career path.

Guest director and actor MC Quoc Thuan shared the theme of “understanding yourself, confidently building a personal brand”

The program to welcome new students has been prepared with a series of exciting activities. From the seminar to introduce the study program to the exchange and acquaintance activities, all aim to create an interesting learning and exchange environment. The new students will have a meeting with the heads of the faculties and lecturers, along with school tours, and get to know each other through interactive and entertaining activities.

Teachers and guests attended the first official admission session at TTU
Overview of the welcoming ceremony for new students

In addition to the official activities, the first day also brought meaningful and emotional moments. Conversations with topics of connection, smiles and young souls are waiting to discover new challenges and opportunities.

TTU team welcomes and supports admission procedures

With a team of professional, experienced and friendly lecturers and consultants, TTU is ready to answer all questions, helping students get more useful information about training disciplines and admission methods. In addition, the school also took care of decorating the welcome check-in area for new students and their families to save meaningful memories on their new journey at TTU. Hopefully, the good impressions on the first day of admission will be a stepping stone for the new students to be more confident and quickly integrate into the new environment.

The school also arranges and strengthens a force of volunteer students to guide new students on how to fill out registration forms, check information written on admission records, take photos, make student cards, introduce and guide students to visit. study environment, register for dormitories – boarding areas to help new students quickly settle down to live and study, and to speed up the admission process.

A new journey has begun and the belief in the future is full of excitement. Welcome day is a memorable journey where the dreams and ambitions of freshmen will be lifted and grown. Congratulations on the first day of school, wish you all an enjoyable and successful school year!

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