The life of a TTU student while studying for a Master’s degree in the United States


Only three months from October 2019, she graduated from TTU. In November 2019 began to apply, take an English test, interview for Visa, and in January 2020, she was present in the United States.

Come to one of the places with the highest standard of living on the planet. That is also the first time going abroad, stepping down to the airport with many surprises and an indescribable mood. That is the story of Nguyen Bich Ngoc Huong, a former student of biotechnology at TTU. Let’s find out about Huong’s life while studying in the United States!

Huong learned in English and got used to the program and learning style of the United States at TTU, so when studying for a master’s degree here, there was not much change. However, TTU’s teachers are sometimes more careful and harder than teachers in the United States. In addition, studying abroad at the beginning of the pandemic, witness the essential milestones such as the presidential election, Black lives matter or Stop Asian Hate, etc. It makes her feel like two years studying abroad has more things to remember and try more times than usual.

Huong wants to remind new students that if you intend to “get” the scholarship, you should set goals for yourself from the beginning. For example, if you want to study abroad, find out the school a few years in advance, research and take the English test seriously, find out about scholarships, culture, etc.

TTU is delighted and proud to have created conditions for Huong to have a solid foundation of knowledge comparable to training programs in the world. So, again, wishing her the right direction and reap much success in the future.