The mark of Gen Z in the connected community


On August 7, 2023, the first trip in the volunteering journey of Uniprep students with the theme “TTU – For the green of the community” in Binh Hoa Bac commune, Duc Hue district left things behind. That marked boldly and contributed to creating the image of active young volunteer soldiers.

Enthusiastic freshmen did not hesitate to immerse themselves in the work of planting 1000 canaries. Each tree is given hope for a green environment, where people and nature blend in balance and harmony. Planting trees not only provides protection for the environment, but also spreads the message of our shared love and responsibility for the planet.

In addition to contributing to creating a fresh green area, the students also organized a playground “English club exchanges to improve children’s foreign language ability” and fun activities for children and teenagers. Giving 10 light scholarships to students of Binh Hoa Bac Primary School and Hoa Thanh Secondary School. These activities not only help them have memorable memories, but also create a fulcrum for the comprehensive development of the students. Children. Locals witnessed the children playing and learning, and it showed the care and volunteering of young people, inspiring future generations.

The imprint of the program “TTU – For community green” is not only concrete actions, but also a message of love, care and companionship of the young generation to the community. It is a strong bond and common volunteering to build a better living environment. The support and companionship of local people has created a spirit of solidarity and trust in the development and progress of the community.

This activity was memorable, creating deep emotional and social connections. It is not only a volunteer journey but also a symbol of solidarity and mutual love. These imprints will continue to exist and spread, creating a great power to promote the development and progress of both society and the community.

TTU and Uniprep students sent out the message of volunteering and caring, to affirm the role and meaning of the young generation in building a better society. Let’s continue to connect and spread the spirit of volunteerism, to build a cohesive, liveable and growing community together.