The trip of knowledge and experience


That was a chance for us to experience international working environment and life style in the U.S within 3 months.

On very first days of November 2018, we flew to the U.S to participate a Student Trainee Program in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at MC Govern Medical School, Texas.


We were in charge of parts of post-doctors’ project under their guidance. Doing wet lab, we not only were trained how to conduct experiments by ourselves, but we also improved our lab’s problem solving skill.

Vy’s in Dr. Koehler lab 
Nhung’s in Dr.Morano lab
Vy’s study corner

Besides working in laboratory, we had many extra academic activities such as: Journal club, Seminars, Grass, Conference and Lab meeting. Updated knowledge, deep listening, critical thinking, paper review, presentation skill were what we did learn through those activities.

Lab Report (Pics of presentations)

Seminar – Guest speakers are expert in microbiology field invited to share their works..

Journal club: Each phD student will choose a paper he/she feels interest in and presents for other people. PI, post-docs and phD students who are audiences will discuss together.

Grass: Only phD students, they will share their projects.

Happy hours

VY’s lab

National conference

Nhung and her lab took part in 24th Annual Midwest Stress Response and Molecular Chaperon Meeting in Kellogg University, Chicago


We lived in a vintage complex with a lot of trees and it took 20 minutes by walking and metro rail to go to school every day. During the sidewalk a lot of roses and flowers blossomed, slight sunshine and fresh air made our day for every single new day starting.

After work, we usually went to Kroger nearing our apartment and enjoy window shopping foods without money because we wanted to walk and refresh after a long day studying.

Sometimes we missed our home, we missed our Vietnam to our very core and we actually counted how many days left to be back home. How funny we are. However, the time has passed so fast and then we recognized we also fell in love with that place and we wanted to say thank you to our Dean who has created this chance and Prof Thach who has support us to be there as a precious experience in life. We had learned a lot and the people there were very polite, generous and so funny. Those memories and people will be lasting forever in our heart.

Along with other extremely precious people.

Thank for what did receive

Close our unforgettable journey diary by a quote:
“Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein –Thought is very important – it decides what your life will be.