TTU is proud of student Pham Thai Dien – a former student of TTU (2017-2021).


Upon receiving a provisional Degree Certificate from Tan Tao University, Pham Thai Dien received a PhD scholarship in Korea and will be on his way to the land of kimchi in March 2022.

Dien will study at the artificial intelligence laboratory in computer vision (AI/Computer Vision) at SungkyunKwan University.

Don’t “Rest on one’s laurels”, and wait for the day “hit the road”. Today when the admin contacted, he was still hard at work studying, working, and researching. And he shared, “I’ve already started working, I’m working online now”, so TTU’s students, let’s always try harder.

And if you intend to “hunt” for a scholarship, in addition to the element of “super cool code”, foreign languages ​​” smoothly”, don’t forget to participate in the research in the learning process. That will be a plus score in your application with the admissions committee.

We are proud that Dien is not the first student of TTU to have the opportunity to study abroad here. At Sejong University, there is also a student in the 2011-2015 working as a PhD student. It’s great.

Let’s send Pham Thai Dien our best wishes. Wishing you reap much success on the road to Conquering the peak of knowledge in the future.