TTU launches a series of talks titled “Medical Stories – New Era Perspectives” to discuss modern medicine and its bright future.


Medicine is undergoing multifaceted growth and has enormous future potential. Tan Tao University hosts a series of seminars titled “Medical Stories – New Era Perspectives” to provide a new perspective on human health care and the advancement of the medical sector in the light of today’s global transformation.

Tan Tao University is planning a series of seminars entitled “Medical stories – New era perspectives” from August to October 2023, with six broadcasts on topics such as: Improving the quality of medical training; Good or passionate doctor; Clinical practise skills; Medical ethics in medical training; American Standard Medical Training and USMLE Exam; Skill Development in Medicine. The discussions will be shown on online newspaper platforms, television stations, and internal channels Fanpage – Youtube TTU.

The first topic, “The role of clinical practise, the Institute-School model, and the necessity of medical training,” will impart knowledge around the issue of how to ensure the quality of internships and practical experiences of students, medical staff at internship facilities have enough experience and knowledge to meet student training, with the participation of teachers, professors, Phd, and doctors with a lot of experience in the medical field. And many more questions will be answered online in the first talk show so that you can gain a better understanding of the actual conditions of the practise environment and practise of medical students at medical schools across the country, as well as how important it is in training promising new doctors to accumulate enough “Mind-Talent-Wisdom-Virtue” to serve the community and society.

Doctor Truong Quoc Chuong, Director of Operations Management and Head of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department at Tan Tao Medical University Hospital, will take part in the inaugural broadcast.

At the same time, in a world that is always changing, the responsibility of the medical profession in safeguarding and caring for public health is more crucial than ever. Tan Tao University is delighted to offer you to the above “Medical Talk Series” as a journey of deep research into the field of medicine that awaits innovation and creativity to develop.

We hope that through each exchange, students will gain new perspectives, useful information, and connect with souls who are enthusiastic about medicine, resulting in diversity and innovation in their global health care journey.

The Medical Talk Series not only provides vital learning opportunities from prominent specialists in the field of medicine, but it also allows for the interchange, discussion, and formation of innovative ideas based on the diversity of persons engaged. Let us investigate the revolutionary future of medicine, take advantage of the opportunity to experience every minute of the series, and work together to create a healthier future than ever before.