On Feb 15th, 2012, Student Affairs Office, Tan Tao University(TTU) organized a field trip for students to visit two of the famous factories in Tan Duc Industrial Zone – Quyen Auto and SongWol Vina – as TTU believes that learning, either from books or from reality, is a precious experience for students.
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 Quyen Auto is one of the most professional domestic firms in manufacturing truck bodies, both insulated body construction and body customized for dry goods. Quyen Auto’s products stand out in the market due to their highly customized features and their high-quality materials imported from France and Germany. Another competitive edge, which – without a doubt – will satisfy all customers, is the professional working environment of the workers and the managers.

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 Our next visit was SongWol Vina, the only oversea factory of SongWol Korea – one of the top 5 most prestigious companies producing towels for hotels all over the world. SongWol Factory impressed us first not only by the high technology factories but also the friendly manner presented right at the entrance. Later on, TTU students had a chance to witness the different phases of producing cloths – from warping, sizing, weaving to dyeing, sewing and finally overall assessment of the finished products before being exported to Japan, US and other parts of the world.

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Having been to the two factories, TTU students have now been provided with experiences of the world outside the classroom’s walls that cannot be duplicated in the school but are nevertheless an integral part of the general knowledge.

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