[TTU News] Tan Tao University – the road to success


Tan Tao University always pays attention to the quality of teaching and the best educational environment for students.

Not only that, but the School Council also pays attention to every first brick to build a luxurious architectural complex for TTU students; the future owners of the country have felt “Study Abroad” in TTU.

When studying at TTU, in addition to enjoying the space of the school, classroom, yard, garden, sports complex, spacious dormitory, students are also assured of knowledge, health, and life skills.

TTU has always tried and made constant progress throughout the years.

TTU, with its stature, deserves to be the best choice for the “study abroad” of students.

TTU is a source of talents for the nation, a path to glory for students.


Tan Tao University – American University in Vietnam

Email: info@ttu.edu.vn

Website: http://tuyensinh.ttu.edu.vn/

Phone number: 0981.152.153 – (0272) 377 5995.

Address: Avenue of Tan Tao University, Tan Duc E. City, Duc Hoa, Long An.