[TTU News] the tuition fees of Tan Tao University is expensive or cheap?


That is a question many parents and students are asking, so let’s find out the truth about tuition fees at Tan Tao University!

Firstly, when studying at Tan Tao University, students will enjoy the advanced educational method “LIBERAL ARTS,” which helps students have the flexibility to adapt to the changing working environment and have outstanding creative ability.

Not only that, when studying at Tan Tao University, students can experience an international learning environment with domestic tuition fees – Tan Tao University applies the training program of Rice University, USA.

But suppose parents and students want to study abroad at top universities like Rice University in the US. In that case, they will have to spend the lowest cost, about 15000 – 30000 USD (equivalent to 345.000.000 – 690.000.000 million VND) per year, excluding accommodation and other expenses. But with Tan Tao University can save much more than the above figures.

In addition, Tan Tao University is located on a campus of 503 acres, with modern equipment, visual teaching tools, facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, etc. Thus, helping students grasp knowledge and entertain after stressful study time.

Finally, when students study at Tan Tao University, they will learn in an environment 100% in English. Students will be bilingual, research and work with domestic and foreign doctors and masters in the medical profession. Thus, helping students of Tan Tao University to be targeted by businesses right before graduation.

If students want to “hunt” for a scholarship to Tan Tao University to study abroad in domestic, please click on the link below: http://tuyensinh.ttu.edu.vn/

In short, if you compare the benefits that students receive at Tan Tao University with the annual tuition fee. It can be said that the tuition fee at Tan Tao University is still very cheap when compared to other places.

What are the parents and students waiting for without accessing the website http://tuyensinh.ttu.edu.vn/ to be revealed the “one of a kind” tuition fee?


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