1. Orientation weeks for new students

On October 3, 2022, TTU new students officially started the new academic year 2022-2023. The new students had meetings with the School Managers, school departments to be guided about the school’s regulations, as well as the procedures to know when they study at Tan Tao University.

  1. Graduation Ceremony in 2022 for 98 New Bachelors and New Doctors

Graduating from university is a meaningful milestone in a student’s life, ending the university study process to step into his career path with new and more challenging things. On October 9, 2022, the University held the Graduation Ceremony for 98 new bachelors and new doctors majoring in Biotechnology, Computer Science, English Language, International Business, Business Administration, General Health. In the same ceremony, TTU also awarded the TTU President Honor 100 million VND to the new doctor Duong Danh Nguyen Hien, and 2 scholarships of Professor Peter Singer worth 1000 USD for the 2 best new bachelors and new doctors.

  1. Signing with Hospitals to practice for Medical students.

Signed with Tan Tao University Medical Hospital

With the determination to build a strong Institute-School model to create conditions for medical students to “study together with practice”. On October 10, 2022, Tan Tao University signed a cooperation agreement with Tan Tao University Medical Hospital. The signing ceremony was attended by Professor, Doctor Thach Nguyen who is the Vice Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Associate Professor, Doctor Cao Van Thinh advising the Faculty of Medicine. The hospital side was the presence of Dr. CK2. Truong Quoc Chuong Director of Operations Management and Doctor, Doctor Diep Thanh Tuong Hospital Director. The signing ceremony was for the purpose of working together, linking up in training talented doctors and doing scientific research together.

Signed with Hung Vuong Hospital

On October 11, Tan Tao University continued to sign a PRINCIPAL CONTRACT ON PRACTICE TRAINING at HUNG VUONG HOSPITAL. Hung Vuong Hospital will support medical students of Tan Tao University in the process of hospital practice, the cooperation will open a new direction, in training a team of qualified doctors, nurses, technicians. heart – reach – talent and valuable products for the community. Besides, TTU awarded the decision of visiting lecturer to BS.CK2. Huynh Xuan Nghiem Deputy Director of the Hospital and BS.CK2. Le Kim Ba Liem Head of Training Department – Directing Hung Vuong Hospital.

  1. A series of activities Theatricalization of literary works, Talent Search Team Club, group October 15-16, 2022.

The theatricalization of literary works

The 1st theatrical competition of literary works in the form of short films in 2022 has selected the best 06 teams to participate in the Final Round held at Tan Tao University on October 15. Final result The first prize went to the work “Ivory comb” of Thu Thua High School.

Looking for Talents Clubs, and teams.

Also on the same day, the Talent Search Competition of the Team Club took place with 15 performances representing the districts, towns, and cities of Long An province. The most special part of the program is the appearance of the Director, MC, and Actor Quoc Thuan participating in the jury. Finally, the first prize went to the Taekwondo Martial Arts Performance – Tan Tru District Martial Arts Club, the second prize to Chau Thanh Martial Arts Club and the third prize was a modern dance performance by the Tan Thanh District Club. In addition, students also had the opportunity to visit TTU and participate in an exchange and experience-sharing session between individuals, teams, volunteer groups, and creative startups on the occasion of the 66th Anniversary of the Traditional Day. Vietnam Youth Union.

Visiting TTU and Sharing session to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the Traditional Day of the Vietnam Youth Union.

  1. Techfest Mekong – Startup and Innovation Festival in the Mekong Delta.

On October 19-20, 2022, TTU Startup Center and the project of Cordyceps products that won the first prize in the Vinh Long startup competition were present at the Innovation and Startup Festival in the Mekong Delta. Long – Techfest Mekong 2022. More than 3500 people attended with 100 exhibition booths, displaying products. Attending the event was the Permanent Deputy Minister of Science and Technology. The festival held seminars to share experiences as well as issues of digital transformation in startups.

  1. Launching the “I’m a Global Citizen” contest for all high school students in Binh Dinh province.

On October 27, 2022, the first training session of the “I am a global citizen” contest took place via the Zoom platform for high school students in Binh Dinh province. The contest “I am a global citizen” wishes to promote and improve the quality of English learning, as well as create opportunities to express themselves, exchange and acquire knowledge about international culture in the process of meeting. enter, and strive to become a global citizen. After only 1 day of launch, the number of online exams has exceeded 1200, a number showing the positive response from high school students in Binh Dinh province.