TTU students won the first prize in the 5th startup competition at Vinh Long with the Nano Cordycepin project.


On September 30, 2022, a group of TTU students participated in the Final Round of the 5th Vinh Long Startup Competition. After the preliminary round with more than 50 projects and ideas, the organizers selected 6 ideas and 6 projects for finals. In the competition about the projects, the group of TTU students, represented by Nguyen Thi Kim Nhuong, brought the project to prepare nano cordycepin from the medicinal mushroom of Cordyceps to support the treatment of Covid-19 patients to the contest to compete with 5 other projects. The remarkable thing in the 5 projects with the participation of the Jaros Candle deal received 2 golden tickets (100 million each) in the Shark Tank Vietnam and an additional investment of 200 million with the support of 3 Sharks in the event.

The product story of a group of students from Tan Tao University originates from the fact that Covid-19 has claimed many people’s lives and caused economic damage. Therefore, the TTU student group wishes to create a product that can support Covid patients. Under the guidance of the Startup Center, specifically Dr. Tran Thanh Thy, the students brought the Nano Cordyces project to the startup competition of Vinh Long province. This project is not only meaningful in terms of ideas, but it is also about sharing with the community, and humanity for the purpose of supporting people with Covid-19.

And with all the efforts, everything finally paid off when TTU students’ Nano Cordyceps project won the first prize in the competition. The results were quite close when the second prize was none other than the Shark Tank Jaros Candle project and the third prize was a story about Mekong Delta food.

It can be said that this is a smooth start, as well as the motivation for the next series of startup competitions for students of Tan Tao University. With the enthusiastic support of TTU Startup Center, Tan Tao University’s students are expected to continue to conquer even larger-scale startup competitions in the near future.