TTUers are excited about the series of activities “Connection Day” 


On the morning of August 3, 2023, following the series of exciting activities of the Uniprep Courses, at Tan Tao University (TTU), more than 80 Uniprep students and trainees and 20 International Volunteers. International students from countries: USA, UK, Australia, Indonesia… had an exciting extracurricular activity.

Accompanying the international students and volunteers this time were the leadership of Tan Tao Medical University Hospital, the School’s Board, and lecturers who are the Dean/Vice of the faculties.

The field visit at Tan Tao Medical University Hospital is the opening event for a series of cultural exchange activities with the international volunteer delegation. 

Welcomed by hospital leaders, through that introduction and exchange, international volunteers who are studying Medicine at many universities in countries from Asia to Europe, will have to deepen and learn about the specialty as well as the operation and operation of hospitals in Vietnam in general.

At the same time, students of Tan Tao University had a talk and exchange session to better understand medical students abroad, marking a mature step in the prestige and level of medical training in Vietnam.

The delegation of international volunteers and TTU lecturers took a photo at the welcome gate of Tan Tao University

Next, the group will visit Tan Tao University. This is a very meaningful activity, helping international students have a practical view of the learning environment of Vietnamese students.

TTU welcomes a very heavy rain, however, when international volunteers come here, they are always greeted with a special and enthusiastic manner in their very own style.

In particular, the impression in the eyes of international volunteers when coming to Vietnam, especially the welcome from Tan Tao University is the friendly smile, warm applause, giving commemorative the sunflower – symbolizing “warmth, walking towards the sun to shine and rising to help people” – is like the spirit of medical students from all over the world.

Mr. Nguyen Mai Lam – Vice Provost of Tan Tao University and students gladly welcome international volunteers to visit and exchange culture.

After the exchange and sharing of professional and professional knowledge, the “Happy lunch” activity helped strengthen the feelings of international students, students, and volunteers.

TTU students join in cooking with international volunteers

Thereby, friends across 5 continents will feel the taste of typical Vietnamese meals, especially in the cooking exchange with the participation of student Chau Nguyen from the US, you shared with emotion: “This is the best moment when you come back to Vietnam and eat like a happy, warm family.”

This is a useful cultural exchange, helping to improve students’ confidence in English communication, and creatively sharing meaningful messages with international friends.

The visiting delegation was supported by the School Board, and lecturers, with the desire to bring an overview of the medical industry in general and Tan Tao University in particular to society and the community. This “Connection Day” media event has attracted the attention of medical students from many countries, the active participation in the reception and overview of the medical industry from the TTU team.

A delegation of international volunteers visited the School of Medicine at TTU
International medical students are excited about medical practice models

In the early afternoon of the same day, at the Levy Hall – TTU, the English language skills exchange program with the theme “English Boosting” took place with the large participation of the Dean-Vice Dean, the students, and International Volunteers.

Dr. Dang Thanh Nhon – Dean of School of Languages welcomes and exchanges with international volunteers

The ability to communicate internationally has always been a top priority for every citizen in the country since globalization took place. In Vietnam, English is a language that is gradually being popularized in parallel with the mother tongue. Therefore, the exchange with many diverse activities, it has brought many positive values to TTU students and Uniprep students, helping them realize the importance of learning English and more. Most of them are pronunciation methods and gradually become the ability to perceive language, increase thinking ability, and improve reflexes.

TTU students divided into small groups to complete mini-games in the exchange
TTU students are excited to communicate in English with international volunteers and save that beautiful moment through many commemorative photos.

Following the above series of activities, it is the “Burn” moment with a series of exciting and unique activities such as swimming, golfing, and light party at the pool (under TTU’s facilities system) that leave a beautiful impression in the hearts of the international community of students and volunteers. At night, the lights gradually go off, the campfire starts to burn, warming the loving arms, the collective cohesion and the team spirit will become more energetic, the more intimate, the memories gained.

TTU students said that they were shy at first, then because we were so excited by the volunteers’ cheerfulness and openness, we were more confident in communication and community activities.

A light party prepared by genZ students themselves instead of thanking the international group of volunteers for visiting the school, connecting and having fun with TTU.

TTU students and international volunteers participate in golf enthusiastically
The cute moment of the students when receiving the “punishment” of losing from Organizer
Meaningful teambuilding games help you learn how to work as a team, increase solidarity, and share difficulties and achievements together.
The flame activity “Work hard, play hard” has the meaning of connecting individuals, creating a solid team.

It could be more wonderful than after a series of stressful studying days, members of a collective have the opportunity to sit together by the campfire. This is a time for each student to be quiet, and listen to funny stories, life stories, future career stories, and cherished plans of international volunteers. The meaningful “Connection Day” exchange has created an opportunity for TTU students and Uniprep students to improve their knowledge and communication skills, thereby introducing Vietnamese culture to your country, and contributing to developing better relations between countries.