Undergraduate Programs


Tan Tao University offers the following undergraduate programs for the 2015-2016 school year:

No. Major School Code Group
1 Finance School of Business & Economics D340201 A, A1, D1
2 Accounting School of Business & Economics D340301 A, A1,D1
3 International Business School of Business & Economics D340120 A, A1, D1
4 Management School of Business & Economics D340101 A, A1, D1
5 Electrical Engineering School of Engineering D520201 A, A1
6 Computer Science School of Engineering D480101 A, A1, D1
7 English School of Humanities D220201 D1
8 Biotechnology School of Biotechnology D420201 B
9 Applied Biology School of Biotechnology D420203 B
10 General Medicine School of Medicine D720101 B
Quota of admitted students 500