Uniprep – The most interesting and remarkable program is waiting for students after graduating from the National High School. This is a great opportunity for you to explore the university environment and prepare in the best way for university life to come. With a variety of activities and experiences, Uniprep promises to bring you an important turning point in your academic and career journey.

The Uniprep program has left many imprints on generations of students, bringing rewarding experiences and positive changes after the program.

With a mission as the foundation for positive changes for students, Uniprep 2023 offers students many opportunities and benefits not to be missed:

  • The program offers a free English course to help you improve your Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing skills, thereby building a solid foundation for communication in a multinational university environment.

Students participating in Uniprep can regain their English foundation and improve their communication skills in foreign languages

  • Help students discover and shape their career interests. Through experiential and career-oriented activities at enterprises, companies, etc., students will have the opportunity to discover themselves, determine their personal values, personality and skills, thereby orienting a future. the right career that fits your dreams.

Visiting and experiencing businesses helps students better understand their own interests and industry characteristics to get the right direction.

  • Provides you with a real university environment where you will get acquainted with the necessary study skills. From time management to research and reporting skills, students will be equipped with the tools and skills they need to succeed in university life.

Exciting experiential activities not only at school but also attractive extra-curricular activities

  • Community engagement is an integral part of Uniprep 2023. The program encourages you to fulfill your social responsibility, from participating in charitable activities to building good relationships with community. This helps you develop a sense of society, understand the importance of giving, and become a productive citizen in society.

Practical community activities such as environment and social security are actively promoted

  • Create opportunities to interact with international volunteers, where you can experience and explore different cultures. This cultural exchange not only helps broaden vision and deepen understanding of the world, but also helps build a sense of global citizenship and the ability to adapt to the diversity of today’s world.

Exchange with international volunteers, help improve the value of citizenship

Uniprep 2023 is an unmissable opportunity for you to discover yourself, best prepare for your university future, and lay a solid foundation for your career success. Join now and be a part of Uniprep 2023!