Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20/11 Celebrated at TTU and TTS


On November 18, 2016, Tan Tao University and Tan Tao Gifted High School held a solemn ceremony to celebrate “Vietnamese Teachers’ Day at the Canary Club Hall, Tan Tao University Campus.

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The ceremony was opened by an exciting dance performance  by TTS students.

The ceremony had attendance of Mr. Huynh Ho – Vice Provost of TTU and Principal of Tan Tao Talented High School, Dr. Tran Duong, Vice Provost of TTU, teachers from TTU and TSS, students, alumni and parents.

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The Board of Trustees and teachers from TTU and TTS attended the ceremony.

Speaking at the celebration ceremony, Mr. Huynh Ho extended greetings to teachers and staff at the School. Vietnamese Teachers’ Day is a great opportunity for generations of students to express gratitude to teachers and is also an occasion for teachers and students to gather with happy eyes and smiles. In addition, at this time, teachers will share their experience and challenges in their profession, and try their best to nurture  and develop students’ talents.

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Eminent Teacher Huynh Ho – Vice Provost of TTU and Principal of Tan Tao Talented High School delivered a speech at the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Huynh Ho expected all faculty and staff showed their dedication, retrospect the challenging and proud time to get motivated to continue to nurture students’ talents. He also hoped students would have specific efforts to honor their teachers. Students need to take advantage of lecture halls, laboratories to learn, study, and have a healthy lifestyle to become useful members for family and society.

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Representatives of TTU’s Student Union presented flowers to express their gratitude to the Board of Trustees and faculty members on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day November 20.

Some pictures at the ceremony:

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Students from TTS.

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Students from TTU.