Overcoming Difficulties To Be Successful


Poor students coming from ethnic groups and overcoming difficulties has always been the focus and interest of all level of authorities and schools. Along with the noble deed, in recent year, Tan Tao High School for The Gifted has encouraged and supported students from remote and disadvantaged area coming from ethnic minorities to achieve good result in study. Prizes and certificates are always given top priorities to encourage them to learn better.

Annual celebrating ceremony students of excellent ethnic minorities took place in Hanoi on November 25th, 2018.

In addition to being honored annually at Tan Tao University which is Hoa Trang Nguyen Award for excellent students who did their best in international, national and provinces exams, recently, Ngo Phu Dinh – 12th grade student of Tan Tao High School for The Gifted was honored at the Ceremony for outstanding students coming from ethnic minorities in Hanoi with the 3rd prize in the National Biology Competition in 2018.

Ngo Phu Dinh along with other students winning the 3rd Prize in the National Exam for Excellent Students 2018 received the award.

Ngo Phu Dinh, from Hoa ethnic group, is currently studying at Tan Tao High School for The Gifted. He is a good role model for students, especially ethnic minorities students who are attempting to achieve good result and get worthy award for their effort.

Ngo Phu Dinh (fourth from the left, second row) received the award at the Ceremony.

The Celebrating Ceremony was organized by the Committee of Ethnic Minorities Affairs in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Training and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee in recognition of outstanding students and students coming from ethnic group with the slogan “Road to Dream”. This is an annual event from 2010 to present. In 2018, 166 outstanding students all over the country will be honored.

Mr. Nguyen The Ky, member of the Central Party Committee, Director of Radio Voice of Vietnam, gave prizes and certificate to Ngo Phu Dinh and other students who won the 3rd prize in the National Exam for Excellent Students 2018.

The ceremony of celebrating outstanding students is an annual event to honor students from ethnic group. This express the concern of the Party and the Government in training and fostering talents; creating the high – quality human resources for national development. This is an opportunity for students to meet, exchange experience and thereby motivate them to be the elite workforce to contribute more for the country.

Ngo Phu Dinh (2nd from right, 2nd row) with his classmates and teacher at Tan Tao High School for the Gifted.

Ngo Phu Dinh shared: “When I received this award, I felt very happy and the award is worthy for my efforts throughout the time. Although the prize is not the highest, I am so proud of that. I will try my best to achieve the highest award in the future. I would like to thank the teachers who have helped me to win this award. I promise to try harder not to let teachers be disappointed at me”.

Hopefully with this award, Ngo Phu Dinh will have a source of motivation, a stepping stone to continue to achieve greater awards, and become successful in the future.