Workshop “Choose a Happy Career – TTU welcomes 2K6” at Nguyen Huu Tho High School


On the morning of December 18, 2023, Tan Tao University organized a career orientation session “Choose a Happy Career – TTU Welcome 2K6” at Nguyen Huu Tho High School, marking a new beginning for students preparing to enter college journey. The consultation session had the participation of experts – who brought insightful and valuable shares from their personal learning journeys.

Career guidance is like a bright light in the darkness, guiding the light to the future path. Therefore, this is not only a program that focuses on guiding students to choose a career, but also helps them discover themselves, become aware of their passions and skills, through which, students will identify achieve goals, set reasonable plans, reduce insecurity and anxiety for yourself and your family.

MS.Duong Hoai An – Head of Office of Media & Student Recruitment – Student Affairs & Business Relations shared valuable information about the career guidance program “TTU welcomes 2K6”

Understand that common psychology, along with sharing your enthusiasm about your learning journey. Experts share the challenges and memories that have created steady steps on the path to becoming a successful scholar. Sharing not only creates closeness but also lights up trust for young people.

Students are excited at the career guidance session at Nguyen Huu Tho High School

Lecturers and educational experts from Tan Tao University are not only people who share experiences but also people who offer useful methods. Advice on how to set goals, manage time, and cope with academic pressure made the career guidance session practical and meaningful. Students hear not only about successes but also about failures and how to overcome them.

High school student Nguyen Huu Tho attentively read documents about Tan Tao University

The career guidance session is not only a conveyance of information but also an opportunity for students to interact and exchange questions, boldly give opinions, creating an interactive atmosphere, helping them better understand the Issues you need to pay attention to when preparing to enter university.

Overview of the career guidance session at Nguyen Huu Tho High School

The program “TTU welcomes 2K6” in the series “Choose a Happy Career” is not only the starting point for students’ career guidance journey, but also conveys positive messages, companionship and encouragement. from those who have gone before will be a valuable source of encouragement, helping you be more confident on the upcoming path.

Socio-economic development and especially the development of technology have completely changed the picture of the labor market and have a profound impact on the careers of individuals. The program not only helps students have a deeper look at university but also provides useful knowledge for their future journey. The dedicated and sincere sharing of experts and the Organizing Committee from Tan Tao University created a special sharing session, contributing to making your big turning point more complete.