Workshop “Choosing a happy career – Industrial revolution 4.0 Choosing a future career” No. 14 at Tan Tru High School


On the morning of December 25, 2023, the Workshop “Choose a happy career” was conducted by Tan Tao University in collaboration with Tan Tru High School with the theme “Industrial Revolution 4.0 Choosing a Future Career”, with the participation of speaker Dr. Nguyen Mai Lam – Vice Provost of Tan Tao University. The workshop aims to create opportunities for students to listen to sharing about learning experiences and career trends. This helps you better understand many fields and gain multi-dimensional perspectives.

Dr. Nguyen Mai Lam – Vice Provost of Tan Tao University answered questions for Tan Tru High School students

To ensure that students choose the right career that suits their abilities as well as the actual needs of the labor market. Recently, Tan Tao University has paid special attention to career guidance. Accordingly, the organizers from the program series “Choose a Happy Career” have also coordinated with high schools to organize career guidance sessions on many different topics. Thanks to that, students can have initial orientations. Take the lead in choosing a major after graduating from high school that suits current labor needs.

The workshop also received the attention of students in grade 11 – Tan Tru High School

During the career guidance session, Dr. Nguyen Mai Lam – Vice Provost of Tan Tao University, in addition to sharing practical information about the general context of the profession in 2024, helps students identify clear goals in their career, know where they are headed. to what and what aspects should be focused on that are important for personal development and career choices.

When participating in asking questions, students also received gifts from Tan Tao University

For smart and creative 2K6 – Gen Z students, Dr. Nguyen Mai Lam also has advice for those who are about to enter university and receive a “pass” to become a new student: ” When you enter your first year, remember that we have a very long journey ahead. Don’t “sleep” and “wake up” and study seriously in the first semester. Just be yourself. “Just be confident and bold to learn, explore, and discover everything. Then you will see where your strengths are and continue to develop and nurture your passion.”

Overview of the career guidance session “Choose a Happy Career” at Tan Tru High School

In addition, in the context of “Industrialization and modernization”, the phrase “Global Citizen” is being mentioned. Therefore, Dr. Nguyen Mai Lam also advised students about special information such as: Vietnam is increasingly developing strongly and has relationships with many countries around the world. Organizations and businesses are increasingly demanding human resources recruitment. For candidates with good professional qualifications, positive attitudes, plus fluent foreign language skills, no business will refuse. You can learn English, Chinese, Korean… Because foreign languages ​​will determine your job position and income right after graduating. Moreover, knowing another foreign language means living another life.

Thus, it can be seen that when career orientation is done well, students will perceive and make the right choice. Promoting your own strengths and abilities, realizing the importance of choosing a career. Through career guidance sessions, the “Choose a Happy Career” program has encouraged students to boldly raise problems, give criticism and decision-making skills, prepare for a future with many opportunities and boldly accept Take on the challenge in the Industry 4.0 era.