Workshop on counseling and career guidance sharing social practice skills with TTU


TTU launched a series of workshops on counseling, career guidance and sharing social practice skills for students in Long An province in the school year 2022-2023 at Can Duoc High School.

On the first day, Career Orientation, equipping high school students with skills is extremely important. On November 10, 2022, Tan Tao University started programs at Can Duoc High School, Rach Kien High School and Long Cang High School.

Workshops mean a lot to students, especially 12th graders who are preparing to enter the University environment. With content including the categories Choosing the right career – Happy life, Choosing a career in the 4.0 era, How to learn English effectively, … are always chosen by speakers as well as students.

Through the workshops, TTU hopes that students will find their passion as well as be creatively stimulated to arouse their potential so that they can orientate the exam blocks, exam schools, majors and careers in the future. .