“Lifelong learning is highly valued at Tan Tao University (TTU). Upon graduation, students will be able to continually equip themselves and enhance knowledge appropriate for professional and social development. Therefore, they will be actively engaged in taking opportunities to fill any professional positions. TTU students are encouraged to think independently, while also developing discipline, persistence, creativity, integrity and taking responsibility for the community.”


 Provost Emeritus, Rice University - Founding Board Member and Vice-Chairman of Academic Affairs Committee of Tan Tao University
Pro. Eugene H.Levy

“In the context that the society as a whole must evolve and adapt to address the unemployment and underemployment of such a large number of university graduates throughout Vietnam, TTU’s new graduates are very successful in the jobs market. Their entry salary is from two to four times higher than that of new graduates from other university throughout Vietnam. This gives a very gratifying indication that TTU students and TTU education are highly valued in the job market. It also demonstrates that the high academic standards that form the foundation of TTU are both effective and valuable “