Another non-native lark to “de-bore” this summer


Lads and lasses, be honest with yourselves, did you ever feel so keen just to have something to “do away” your summer. What do you usually do in your summer? Play away your summer with mobile games or visiting your relatives somewhere off from the city? This summer, let us “de-bore” your summer with new friends you can make from half a world away.

According to the number from Buzzmetrics, 52% of young people not satisfied with their summer said to have “nothing to do” throughout the long vacation off. If you find that repetitive activities all-too-familiar from summer to summer bores you too tears, why not come to us and let’s de-bore the summer together by making brand new connections with “big” friends and new knowledge delivered via methods completely non-native to that of your high school.

What we can put up on your dish?

Two courses from which you can choose to have either or both:

First is the course of Effective Public Speaking and Office Professionalism, taught by Dr. Donald Tyler. If you take a step back and think about successful speakers, you’ll find that they always leave you something, often in the form of a visual or a feeling to ponder upon long afterwards. Why? Because it’s always harder to bring up in your mind a bunch of words than an experience or an image, so it’s wise to create such feelings or paint a mental picture if you want your talk to last long in their thoughts.

It’ll be the first time for many high school students, and some university students as well, to learn about what’s expected in the environment of work – how to behave; how to dress; what exactly is “smart-casual”; how to send a professional email…

Dr. Donald Tyler, lecturer of this Effective Public Speaking and Office Professionalism course is the Vice President and co-owner of Marine Specialties Limited, a nationwide consultant company to the U.S. insurance industry. Beside the public speaking experience he earned from hundreds of hearings and trials he represents his law firms to participate, he also makes a fully-qualified lecturer to teach office professionalism by his experience in providing the corporate and professionalism training.

The second course is Alternative Dispute Resolutions with Dr. Henry Webb. In this course, you’ll have chances to “heat up” with your friends in simulated dispute resolution, try yourselves with different modes of solving conflicts, whether online or face-to-face and special demands in each mode. Of course, you’ll be able to learn the best attitude you can adapt to solve a dispute – whether to wash it away with alcohol like most men in Vietnam often do, or to straight things out with talk like their western peer tend more to. You certainly may not pinpoint an absolute, one-size-fit-all answer after this course, but, on the contrary, you will learn the ability to distinguish the best way to navigate through such times of bunfight from the basic knowledge of cultural expectancy in dispute resolution learned from this course.

Dr. Henry Webb, lecturing ADR Course is the current Associate Professor of Business Law, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and an Education Abroad Academic Advisor at Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. He gained his in-depth multi-cultural knowledge from his diverse international experiences such as teaching, consultation and visiting professorships in institutions with cultures often contrasting to one another – Indiana University of Pennsylvania (The U.S.), Qatar University College of Law (Qatar), RMIT University (Vietnam), University of Pecs (Hungary).

To wrap up, why us this summer?

This will be the class in which you study in a style completely different from what you’d kill to change in your high school classes.

There will be plenty of new connections for you to fill up this exciting summer. Don’t sit there in your home, away from your friends without making any new. This summer course has “big” friends from overseas for you to start building your network.

Our summer courses will also provide you full of new knowledge and experience that can become your very own edge.

To register and ask for more details about TTU Summer Courses 2019, please email to

Or call Ms. Kim Chau: 0918736850.