Creative youth contest 2018 – Interesting and unique experience


In order to create a science playground and encourage creativity for students, on December 17th, 2018, The School of Engineering of Tan Tao University (TTU) held a Creative Youth Contest 2018. The Competition is in the framework of Introductory Mechanics so most of the contestants are students who are attending this class. In addition, this contest is also open for students of other schools, especially School of Medicine.

The judges of the Creative Youth Contest 2018 (From the left: MA. Isaac Smith – School of Humanities and Languages; Dr. Cao Tien Dung, Dr. Tran Hoai Nam and Dr. Tran Duy Hien – School of Engineering)

The content of the contest includes two major part: “Funny Invention” and “Water Rocket”

“The Funny Invention” section was held at Gillis Hall. Participating teams had to invent things applied learned Physics principles by using simple and environmental friendly materials. In addition, each team will have 5 minutes to present the mechanism and meaning in the decoration of water rockets and things created.

The teams participating in the 2018 Creative Youth Competition were focusing on the presentations at the Gillis hall at Tan Tao University.
Water rockets and creative inventions of participating teams.
Representatives of Group 1 presented The Tumbling Toy to the judges.
Presentations and creations of teams bring attractiveness and fun to the audiences.
Representatives of Group 2 presented their creations in releasing pressure for students by creating funny toys.
The funny and useful invention of group 2 made it easy for student to invent and entertain after stressful hours of school.
Students were extremely interested in the inventions of each group
Group 3 brought to the competition The Hologram – Full Image Technique in the presentation by simple and familiar materials.
Group 4 with a great sense of humour impressed the judges with its presentation.
And also apply precise method of formulas.
The judges and contestants are very interested in this creation.

The most interesting part is the 2nd contest – “Water Rocket” took place at the Prince’s Football Field. The content of the test includes “Long-range water rocket” and “High-altitude water rocket launcher”. Each team must apply the knowledge learned from Introductory Mechanics to create their own water rocket so that they can fly far or high.

Teams focused on water rocket testing for the last time to prepare for the competition.
The amount of water used for each water rocket is also quite important to define whether the water rocket can work well or not.
Teams took final preparation before starting to fire water missiles.

The long-range missiles were made from 1.5L plastic bottles, the rocket’s head and body were linked with silicone glue. Besides, our team’s water decoration ideas were really eye-catching and the meaning was also one of the points counted in the contest.

The judges were evaluating the initial preparation of each team.

The high-altitude missile has a structure which is similar to a long-range missile, but has an extra compartment made from recycled nylon and designed to open parachute when the missile falls.

Some pictures from the contest and the results of the teams:

The image of the firing water rocket and opening parachutes made viewers extremely excited.

The teams also had many hilarious moments. The joining hands to contribute and help was also one of the beautiful images of the contest.

At the end of the competition, Group 4 was excellent to win as it had the longest missile range as well as the longest time to fall. Group 1 was the second runner up. The third prize was divided into groups 2 and 3.

Group 2 and Group 3 with the third place of the 2018 Creative Youth Competition.
Group 1 won the second place of the competition.
The champions of the 2018 Creative Youth Competition

The 2018 Creative Youth Competition not only created moments of healthy competition but also facilitated students to be creative and increase solidarity, mutual support for success which are special things of students of Tan Tao University.