Diary of a clerkship: 2nd group of TTU students at St Mary Medical Center, Hobart IN USA 8/2018

On the first week of July 30th, 2018, Dr. Thy Đặng, Hồng Ngọc, Tuyết Nhi and Hiếu Hạnh were making rounds with Dr Vijay Dave in his office.
During rounds, Dr Dave spent times talking to patients so usually the office hours lasted very long in the evening. Here were Dr. Thy Đặng, Hồng Ngọc, Tuyết Nhi and Hiếu Hạnh with Dr Vijay Dave in his office.
Here, Hồng Ngọc, Hiếu Hạnh, Tuyết Nhi and Dr. Thy Đặng with a staff nurse in the office.
However after late hours of work, the whole team would go for dinner in different restaurants in Merrillville.
Here Tuyết Nhi, Hiếu Hạnh, Dr. Thy Đặng and Hồng Ngọc with Dr Vijay Dave at another restaurant in the Merrillville area.

While in the other side of the town, the other team of TTU students, after long hours working in the office (interviewing and examining patients), went to unwind in a bar while waiting for pizza. The bartenders asked to check the identification cards in order to verify the legal age if the students ordered alcoholic beverage. Luckily, everybody ordered root beer (which is similar to Xa Xi in Vietnam). Not alcoholic beer here. From left to right, Kiên An, Thục Duyên. Hòa, Nhân, Phước and Dr. Quốc Bùi.

Here Jim Harding, Thành Phước, Thái Hòa, Trọng Nhân, and Kinh Quốc enjoyed a type of foods at the Lake County Fair.
From left to right are Nhân, Phước and Quốc sitting on the stand watching a show at the Lake County Fair
Parade of the Mexicans cowboys and cowgirls at the county fair
On Wednesday August 1, Chris and Mark organized the 21st birthday party for Kinh Quốc.
The party included barbecue beef and chicken
A bonfire for the whole team to enjoy
All the TTU female students from the Eider house also came to celebrate the party

However the US clerkship is not just for partying. The principle is to work hard and to play hard. If there are many pictures of dining, bar hopping or partying, that means the students work very hard during the days and in the evening it is time to unwind.

On Tuesday August 7, the TTU students participated in the Problem Based Learning session by Dr Ernest Talarico from Indiana University, Northwest.
The Problem Based Learning session will last for 3 days.

The main methodology of the Problem Based Learning is intensive interaction and communications between instructors and learners. These sessions satisfy the first goal of the US clerkship is English efficiency. Tomorrow the students will continue the PBL sessions. Again, if the students work hard, they will enjoy more at the bar, at the restaurants or in Chicago for sightseeing during the week-end. Stay tuned.