Diary of a Hot Summer Activities

In the month of August, TTU medical students had busy summer activities from Baltimore MD, to Hobart and Merrillville IN, to many cities in Vietnam.

In Baltimore, Maryland, at the beginning of August, Duong Phuc Hai started a clerkship in emergency medicine with Dr Quincy Tran, at the Adams Cowley Shock and Trauma Center of the University of Maryland Medical Center.

It was a 12 hour shift, everyday for 5 days.
Student Duong Phuc Hai and Dr Quincy Tran at the heliport to receive the patients because this is a level 3 trauma center. A lot of vehicle accidents and gun shot wounds. Baltimore is a war zone with a lot of actions in this American urban jungle
Here Duong Phuc Hai at the cafeteria at break time in the night shift
While in Indiana, Hoang Le PH Ngoc, Luong NT Nhi and Le Nguyen H Hanh were doing their rotation at the Nuclear Medicine department with Adams
Hoang Le PH Ngoc, Luong NT Nhi and Le Nguyen H Hanh were doing their rotation at the Obesity Clinic with Dr Michael Simpson, an expert on bariatric surgery
Here Luong Hoang Phuoc was listening to the lungs of a patient with COPD in the office.
Here Luong H Phuoc was examining the heart of a typical cardiac American patient: old and obese.
Le P K Quoc was taking the blood pressure of the patient
After taking the history and doing a physical examination, Luong H Phuoc was entering the data in the patient medical records. Here all health information is stored in the electronic medical records (Citrix program).

While at Thong Nhat hospital, all the fourth year medical students were divided in small groups and made rounds with Ms Hiral Patel, a fourth year medical student in the US. She spent six weeks with TTU medical students teaching presentation in English. This is a small class size so everybody has a chance to present.

Many 5th year medical students made round with Dr Neal Kleiman, a big name in the US cardiology world. Neal mentioned to me that he was quite impressed the level of medical knowledge of the students. He complained that I asked the students to come for rounds during their vacation time. It is sacrilegious from the American point of view.

While in the seaside city of Danang, eight TTU medical students spent 3 days visiting Danang and doing presentations at the Thang Long Cardiology meeting.
Student Nguyễn Hữu Lâm Trinh presented: New and Definitive Marker Confirming the Optimal Status in the Treatment of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.
Student Lý Ngọc Tường Vi presented: Two – year Follow – up of a New Test which Correctly Predicted Which Patients with Borderline Hypotension Might Develop Hypotension within the Next 24 Hours.
Student Nguyễn Trí Sĩ presented: New Imaging Technique to Assess the Blood Flow in the Subepicardial and Subendocardial Myocardium Before and After Percutaneous Coronary Interventions. It is a very interesting, provocative study. The audiences asked why he presented the data in English.