• Works submitted along with personal information of the author: full name, class, student ID, unit, department, d.o.b, address, phone number.
  • Works submitted under 500 words, may be a short essay, poem, song, drawing,… following the topic “Tan Tao in my mind”
  • Submission: Participants submit their work in “.pdf” files to email:, or submit directly at the Student Affairs Department (for handwriting works). Organizers will collect and post works onto TTU Student Facebook fanpage.
  • Work submitted in English or Vietnamese (English is encouraged), about thoughts, talks, feelings, memories, or impression with the school, teachers, classmates and ideas contributing to the development of Tan Tao. Works must be suitable for Vietnamese pure fine culture.


  • 1 first prize: 1.000.000 VND, certificate, medal;
  • 1 second prize: 800.000 VND, certificate, medal;
  • 2 third prize: 500.000 VND, certificate, medal;
  • 1 prize for group having biggest number of high-rated works: 800.000 VND;
  • And many other interesting prizes.


  • Head of Judges: Dr.Dang Thanh Nhon – Vice Dean of School of Humanities and Languages, Tan Tao University.
  • Member: Mr.Jonathan Lankford – Lecture of School of Humanities and Languages. And Ms. Le Thi Diem Mi – English Teacher at Tan Tao High School.


Đối tượng:

  • Học sinh, giáo viên TTS;
  • Sinh viên, giảng viên, cán bộ, nhân viên TTU.

(Thành viên Ban Tổ chức (BTC) và Ban giám khảo (BGK) chấm giải cuộc thi không được gửi tác phẩm tham dự cuộc thi)

Submission method

Time of submission

2021/3/15 – 2021/4/15