Fostering occupational dream of Hieu Nhon students with “The journey of orienting future”


In the fresh and ethereal atmosphere of the Saturday morning of February 23rd, 2019, Tan Tao University (TTU) was delighted to welcome the students of Hieu Nhon High School to visit, exchange and study. Early in the morning, TTU students were ready to welcome talented students from Vinh Long – the heroic province. Enthusiasm, excitement and surprise are the common feelings of teachers and students of Hieu Nhon High School during this special program.

At TTU, students are encouraged to explore the problem in a multidimensional and multi-perspective way, practice critical thinking, deliver public presentations and many essential soft skills required from employers in 4.0 Industrial Revolution. This is also the spirit and goal of TTU when applying the Liberal Arts Education Model based on US standards. Besides, excellent and enthusiastic lecturers who are trained abroad will stimulate the potentials and arouse the creativity of the students thereby contributing to the success of individuals in the future. This has made a strong impression on tea and students of Hieu Nhon High School.

Accompanying with students in this event were dynamic and enthusiastic freshmen from different Schools of TTU. At TTU, the students of Hieu Nhon High School have been immersing in the enchanted atmosphere and architecture as well as visiting the outstanding areas which made the features of an “American University in Vietnam”.

Students visited and explored the biography of Professor Malcolm Gillis – one of the founding members of Tan Tao University.
Listened to the explanation of the meaning as well as logo of TTU

Visiting the gallery of TTU

In addition, students had a chance to discover the ultra-modern library of Tan Tao University
The organizers also prepared a light buffet with cakes and coffee to energize the students for the following activities.

In this special and meaningful school program, the talented students of Hieu Nhon High School were revealed and listened to experiences and stories from reality in selecting future professions. At the beginning, the representative of the School Board, Honourable Teacher, M.A Huynh Ho told the teachers and students of Hieu Nhon High School about his educational memories in Vinh Long and Tra Vinh – where he worked and mentioned some important information in the admission of TTU in 2019.

Representatives of Tan Tao University
Honourable Teacher, M.A Huynh Ho – Representative of TTU shared some information about TTU for students of Hieu Nhon High School.
Representatives of Hieu Nhon High School

After the stories and information about the National High School Exam from Mr. Huynh Ho, the students of Hieu Nhon High School also experienced the university environment from lecturers who are representing each school of Tan Tao University.

M.A Peter Huynh – Lecturer of School of Humanities & Languages taught students how to apply proactive learning to help them approach English more easily.

Dr. Nguyen Dinh Truong – Acting Dean of School of Biotechnology presented outstanding achievements and wide application of products from Biotechnology.

Dr. Tran Duong – Vice Provost, Dean of the School of Economics & Business Administration brought to the program a lively and exciting atmosphere with stories of success and the factors made the name of domestic and overseas enterprises.

Dr. Ernest F.Talarico Jr. – Assoc. Prof. of Anatomy and Biology, Medicine Department, Indiana University, USA; Visiting lecturer of Anatomy Department, Tan Tao University was addressing about the topic “How to study Medicine in US style?”

Dr. Cao Tien Dung – Vice Dean of School of Engineering and his student were testing face recognition technology – an application of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 
Students asked questions and discussed with the lecturers.
Students of School of Engineering demonstrated their academic achievements through automatic car models – Machine Learning application.
The students captured beautiful moments together while participating in the event

We hope that through “Journey of Orienting Future”, students will have the initial orientation of the chosen career in the upcoming time. We wish all student success in the future to quickly become citizen of world.

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