Letter to students and parents by Thach Nguyen


Merrillville November 7, 2016

To:       Mr Le Chi Thang

President of the Student Council

Tan Tao University

REF:   1. Update on the situation of the medical school

                                    2. Question about transferal to other schools

                                    3. Plan for future development

                                    4. Invitation to meet with me on Friday November 11, 2016  at TTU, Tan Duc E-city, Long An campus

Dear Thang,

I like to thank you for your letter to Mme Dang Hoang Yen. She forwarded your letter to me and asked me to reply as I am the most senior administrative staff at the medical school.


1. I am gathering all the information and opinions of faculty, parents and students. I will present the update of the situation and the strong commitment of TTU Medical School in a meeting with all students and PARENTS on Friday November 11 at TTU, Tan Duc E-city, Long An campus. Please see details at #4 below.

2. For any student who like to be transferred, it is normal procedure for any school. In the US, if the family a student moves to a new state (e.g. from California to Indiana), the student may ask to be transferred to the new school. If a medical student from VN would like to be transferred to a US medical school, if the student is qualified, she or he could be accepted in the receiving school. It is the same for TTU. If any student would like to be transferred to a different school, TTU would facilitate the transfer. Be sure that the student is accepted at the receiving school.

3. On Friday November 11, I will update the teaching plan for the medical school for the next 6 months, one year and 5 years. I will apply the American style of management with consensus building, transparency and strong participation of students. Please remind your parents, parents of other students and your schoolmates to prepare all the questions and suggestions. This is the time all of you can make an impact on the future of the school.

4. On Friday November 11, 2016, I will meet parents and students according to the following schedule

  • 9:00AM- 11:00AM   Students and parents of students of the first and second year medical students.
  • 11:00AM – 1:00PM Students and parents of 3rd year medical students
  • 1:00PM-4:00PM Students and parents of 4th year medical students.

In the meeting, I will apply the protocol of meeting and discussion using in the US. Every parent and student will have 5 minutes to present their opinions. If there is long opinion, they can send their opinions to me by email ahead of time. This is my email: thachnguyencard@yahoo.com Please sign your real name. I don’t for forward letters sent to me to others unless requested by the sender. In the US, we don’t read and we don’t believe in anonymous letters. I like to be sure that every parent and student have the chance to ask questions and voice their concern. Everybody should talk gently, elegantly, in a civilized manner. When a parent or a student speaks, she or he should introduce herself or himself first, because this is the basic courtesy in a meeting. If anybody who is not parents of students or students, that person is invited to leave the meeting room. Nobody should and could prevent others to present their opinion.

5. On Saturday November 12th, I will spend the time to meet faculty of the medical school, to thank them and to hear their opinions about the school.

Dear Thang,

I like to thank your time for reading my letter. Please remind your parents, friends, classmates to come to the meeting. Also, please remember that the administration, the faculty, the parents, we have to do everything and all for the best of the future of the students, including yours.

With my warmest personal regards,